Fresh Permits Filed for 40-Story 18 India Street, Greenpoint Waterfront

18 India StreetRendering of 18 India Street (RedSky Capital)

Following a trail of sparse details and leaked renderings of Greenpoint’s 18 India Street, the waterfront development appears to finally be moving forward. Fresh filings reveal changes to the expected building area and use type.

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5 Comments on "Fresh Permits Filed for 40-Story 18 India Street, Greenpoint Waterfront"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Think about how people can use this project on a 40-story.

    • Yes indeed David, please pardon me
      for once think about how these massive projects will impact the community,
      strangling it with dense development, overwhelming its already strapped infrastructure, and bringing the destructive consequences of super-gentification to existing residents and neighborhoods.
      For the older residents:
      Hey, we like the place. It has potential. So pull up your life-long roots and get out.
      For the newer residents:
      Twenty dollar bagels anyone? – along with your sky-high rents? So chic, so chic…
      This isn’t progress
      – it’s pure greed at the expense of wider social values, needs and concerns.
      It’s not a rebirth
      it’s the death & destruction of a community at the hands of self-serving real estate developers….

      Yes David – please think.

      • This building isn’t going to bring super-gentrification. Super gentrification is inevitable for the East River waterfront, be it a 40 story tower or a 6 story.

        The 40 story will at least take up less land area and delay the process.

        And the infrastructure you speak of can be upgraded, especially as the area becomes denser and becomes a higher priority for certain upgrades. Because Greenpoint is less dense than many other NYC neighborhoods despite its ferry and subway line.

  2. Median household income for Greenpoint is 60k that’s pretty good nation wide. Not let’s look into any family from Greenpoint who can actually afford to live in this beautiful new tower. Apartments go for about 1.2 mln. If the have 200k down payment that leaves them with just a mln buck mortgage. At a million and 4% apr they will be paying 40k in interest alone. Leaving them 20k for paying off the mortgage and living. Does anyone see a problem here. For example Columbus Ohio,median income families only pay about 15-30%.of their income for housing expenses. Not 85%. One word it’s impossible for local people to afford to live there that makes it unreasonable development. Why is this happening?

    • If you built nothing in Greenpoint it would only become more expensive more quickly.

      High-density development dampens the impact of gentrification.

      And Colombus, OH is a poor comparison here. You would have to compare a ->neighborhood<- with access to similar jobs (variety and pay), transportation options, walkability, recreation and other amenities.

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