Sharif El-Gamal’s 45 Park Place Begins Rise Into Lower Manhattan Skyline

45 Park Place45 Park Place. Rendering: Williams New York

After years of waiting, 45 Park Place is finally making a rapid ascent into the Lower Manhattan skyline. The skyscraper will soon rise 43 stories and 667 feet to its rooftop pinnacle, and is being developed by Sharif el-Gamal’s Soho Properties. Although substantially shorter than nearby towers like 30 Park Place, 56 Leonard Street, and 111 Murray Street, the 50-unit structure will still offer comprehensive views of Tribeca to the north, Brooklyn, the Manhattan Bridge, and City Hall to the east, and the World Trade Center, immediately to the south.

45 Park Place looking east with the fist sections of the safety cocoon in place, photo by Michael Young

The building’s Tribeca sales gallery opened last summer, and includes a vertically mounted 3D-printed model of Manhattan from the World Trade Center to Midtown. One-bedroom units will begin at $1.92 million, two-bedroom will start at $3.73 million, three-bedrooms at $4.6 million, four-bedrooms from $10.5 million, and two duplex penthouses are listed for $39 million and $41 million. Naturally, the penthouses include private terraces on the eastern side of the building.

Sales are aiming for $3,400 per square foot, which would be substantially above the neighborhood averages for both Tribeca and the Financial District.

Piero Lissoni is heading interior design while SOMA Architects is the main architect. Ismael Leyva is the executive and residential architect. Sales are now being led by Corcoran Sunshine.

45 Park Place seen from Church street looking west with 111 Murray St in the background, photo by Michael Young

Clad in glass from top to bottom and built from reinforced concrete, the form of the building follows a simple use of vertical mullions that align with the gentle setbacks on the east, and two inverted setback on the west that lightly carve out its southwest corner.

51 Park Place

51 Park Place, image via Soho Properties

At street level, an outdoor courtyard with fresh landscaping will lead to the Jean Nouvel-designed Islamic cultural center. Set to rise three stories towards the back of the courtyard, Gamal had previously filed plans for the cultural center last Fall, with its address now labeled as 51 Park Place.

When complete, the cultural center will cover about 16,000 square feet, including a sub-story level as a sanctuary. The tower and its crane are now climbing steadily, and will soon be visible from the 9/11 memorial when looking above the U.S. Postal Service Building at 90 Church Street.

Render 45 Park Place among Lower Manhattan , seen on their main website

Completion of 45 Park Place, along with the Islamic Cultural Center that should follow shortly thereafter, is expected sometime next year.

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8 Comments on "Sharif El-Gamal’s 45 Park Place Begins Rise Into Lower Manhattan Skyline"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Thanks to Michael Young, also growing progress tower.

  2. isn’t this what was previously called “the mosque at Ground Zero”

    • Mike Summers | May 22, 2018 at 2:14 pm | Reply

      Yes, this is it.

      I don’t understand the need to label it that being that the project isn’t part of Ground Zero.

      • StatenIsland1967 | May 23, 2018 at 7:34 am | Reply

        The need was simple: the racist, lunatic, screaming morons of the right wing in this country needed something to strike more fear into their ignorant, moronic followers.
        The fact that there’s been a Muslim prayer room (a masjid) more or less across the street from the WTC since the 1970s was conveniently ignored.

    • NO it isn’t, That was Park 51

  3. Not many construction workers on projects downtown who speak English – can you say “non-union”? What landmark building across from city hall park has Russian electricians who have an aversion to speaking English and non English workers working on million dollar apartments when they probably never took a safety class and I doubt they pay union dues.

  4. It’s the Islamic center ADJACENT to the 9/11 memorial and its disgraceful they will have a mosque there, and Islamic study rooms where they can train their youth on how Christians and Jews are sons of dogs and pigs.

    Imagine a Tojo Shinto shrine built next door to Pear Harbor. How about a memorial for Hitler built next Auschwitz.

    Plain a simple this build is going up to insult the memories of the 3,000 killed on 9/11, and those Leftists here crowing about it blame America for the slaughter committted by jihadists. Shame on NYC pemitting this project.

  5. jeffrey m rooks | January 21, 2020 at 6:33 am | Reply


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