Plans Advance for Major Redevelopment at 6208 8th Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

6208 8th Avenue6208 8th Avenue, image by Raymond Chan Architects

In exciting news for Sunset Park, plans for 6208 8th Avenue are now pushing closer to reality. A major proposal for the former railroad site in Brooklyn would create over one million square feet of mixed-use development. The structures would include commercial, residential, and community facility space. The site is next door to the 8th Avenue subway station, serviced by the N trains. Since YIMBY last checked in on progress, the design has not changed, but new information has now been released providing specific details for the proposal.

6208 Eighth Avenue, via Urban Cartographics

6208 Eighth Avenue, via Urban Cartographics

The development is split up into three different sections, i.e. the podium, and two towers, and will host a myriad of different uses, including a hotel, offices, retail, residences, a school, library, and a medical facility.

6208 8th Avenue

6208 8th Avenue

The 165-foot tall structures will yield 1,292,920 square feet of floor area, which includes 232,880 square feet for residential use, 99,100 square feet for the medical facilities, 37,990 square feet for the school and library, 85,590 square feet for offices, 95,210 square feet for the hotel, and 342,090 square feet for retail.

One-third of the retail space is expected to be occupied by local businesses, as well as a furniture store, drug store, supermarket, cultural establishment, a food court, and an event space. 250 apartments will be created, averaging 930 square feet apiece. 50 of those units will be let at affordable rates to those making below 80% of area median income.

6208 8th Avenue

6208 8th Avenue, image by Raymond Chan Architects

The development will also create landscaped public space on the ground level and sculpture garden on the 9th floor, creating a total of 62,250 square feet for public access.

Raymond Chan is responsible for the design.

New building permits have not been filed yet, though demolition permits have been filed for an existing one-story structure on site. Approval for the development is expected to be secured within 2 years, and with three years of construction, completion is expected by 2023.

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12 Comments on "Plans Advance for Major Redevelopment at 6208 8th Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Not performs magic tricks on progress, but real report which you can feel.

  2. It’s really wonderful to see all these big developments in the poorer, mostly East Asian immigrant communities. It really goes to show the American dream in progress. Flushing, Sunset Park and Chinatown all with many developments in recent history. Bravo and keep it up!

  3. If it’s anything like all the other developments in the area, it will be cheaply done, ignore building codes and of course be overpriced.

  4. Monitoring to see if this is going to be done using exploited immigrant construction workers to reduce costs wh9le there are literally hundreds of qualified constructions workers in the immediate area. That is what’s happening elsewhere in the surrounding areas.

  5. I bet there will be no units for single people earning 49,000 a year this income seems to be unwanted in brooklyn affordable housing,always 40%60% and 130% and up AMI

  6. Is this project being developed “As of Right” per Zoning ? Or does it require variances? If the latter, one would hope the developers would be required to provide some give backs – e.g. maybe elevators for the adjacent N station. As I understand it, the MTA is providing only ramps as part of their own renovation. Given how this project greatly benefits from it adjacency to the station, and that is very likely to increase ridership at this station, anything that would improve use of the station (perhaps even additional stairways?) should be a prerequisite.

  7. Was there an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for this project? And if so, did it address how it might affect the important not-so-wildlife habitat at the classic dive bar (the beloved Soccer Tavern) in the adjoining block?

  8. Apartments should be put aside for the teachers , librarians and medical workers who will work in this new facility.

  9. There’s currently a fence covered with poison ivy there.

  10. As we know in D20,D15 all the school is over crowing,Why when we looking site for school and SCA said cant find the space?for commercial used always easy can find the site.Please don’t sell Sunset Park residencies to others.When people said to change sunset park neighbor ,please change to good thing,Not like hotel building .and we need more schools.

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