Brookfield Files Permits for 31-Story Tower at 1 Bell Slip in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint LandingGreenpoint Landing,. Rendering via Gothamist

Applications for a new 31-story residential building at 1 Bell Slip in Greenpoint, Brooklyn were filed this week. Located at the north end of Greenpoint, the proposed tower is bordered by Newtown Creek on one end and Commercial Street on the other. The closest subway station, Greenpoint Avenue, is half a mile south on Manhattan Avenue, and is serviced by the G train. Brookfield is listed as the owner behind the applications. This is one of four residential components Brookfield is developing with partner Park Tower Group at Greenpoint Landing, a 22-acre master-planned development site on the Brooklyn waterfront that includes 1 Blue Slip.

1 Bell Slip in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

1 Bell Slip via Google Maps

The building will yield 379,803 square feet, with 292,029 square feet dedicated for residential space, and 992 square feet of commercial space. Inside the 368-foot tall structure, there will be 408 units created, averaging 715 square feet apiece, indicating rentals.

The interior lot will also have 136 enclosed parking spaces. Similarly to the other Greenpoint Landing developments, this residential tower will likely have 10,000 square feet of indoor amenities.

Gary Handel of Handel Architects is listed as the architect of record.

No demolition permits have been filed as of yet, and no estimated completion date has been announced.

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12 Comments on "Brookfield Files Permits for 31-Story Tower at 1 Bell Slip in Greenpoint, Brooklyn"

  1. Look what you wrote, “31 story building… will be 68 feet tall”, fix this mess. 31 story building must be probably 368 feet tall, not 68′!!!!

    • Reply to my own comment, thanks that you fixed this mistake. So, accordingly to picture this building is not shown there, is left side, north of 30 story building already finished. New building is a third tall tower, and no words yet about 40 story next door.

  2. Vanessa Londono, please fix the height you wrote in your article, 68 feet tall for 31 story building, means this tower will house cats not people!!! You probably missed “3” before “68 feet”, that’s will make sence, “368 feet tall” right????

  3. Hello YIMBY, fix this article, 31 story building cannot be just 68 feet tall!!!! It’s already on the Google search, save your reputation, people will be laughing on you!!! Please fix this!!!

  4. Another mistake, this “31 story have at least floor count “38” and looks like taller than “30 story” 37 Blue Slip, what is 30 story, Rendering shows actually 40 story tower as per plan next to already topped out earlier 30 story 37 Blue Slip. Also not Bell slip, this street name is not exist, is a Blue Slip!!!!
    Who wrote this mess, very upsets!!!

  5. Yes it is 1 Bell street, but article is still fully mess, first rendering shows 40 story next to 30 story, “68 feet tall..” for 31 story(?), next pearl “demolition permits not yet issued”, is author see picture, is already prepared for construction, and this “article” now available on Google search, making big fun on you, NY YIMBY, so please fix your journalism!!! And 31 story, is the next to 30 story, if you manually count glass floors it shows at least 38 not 31!!! So, please fix this, LOL!!!!

  6. Also, One Bell Street is Located north to 37 Blue Slip, not South. Either rendering is wrong or tower is true 68 feet tall means block long 6 or 7 story building, not 31 story!!! Fix this please!!!

  7. YIMBY!!! Fix the typo fast or this guy Jack Liberman will self-combust!!! :}

  8. Actually the closest subway stop might be on the number 7 line
    at Hunters Point or Vernon Jackson- by walking
    via the nearby Pulaski Bridge to Long Island City.
    And if the BQX is ever built with a new bridge across Newtown Creek,
    the journey would be even shorter and faster.

  9. Already fixed, 368′ and this was a typo mistake.

  10. lmao at the comments

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