$238 Million Sale of 220 Central Park South’s Penthouse Shatters National Record

220 Central Park South. Photo by Michael Young

A record-shattering $238 million purchase of a Manhattan penthouse at 220 Central Park South came at the hands of billionaire and Citadel hedge fund founder Ken Griffin. The sale of the 24,000 square foot apartment makes it the highest-priced home ever sold in the United States. The four-story residence is part of a 66-floor near-supertall development by Vornado Realty Trust, and has 16 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, five balconies, and a terrace facing Central Park.

217 West 57th Street behind 220 Central Park South, by Andrew Campbell Nelson

217 West 57th Street behind 220 Central Park South, by Andrew Campbell Nelson

The Wall Street Journal’s Kathy Clarke broke the story. 220 Central Park South, still under construction, sits directly at the bottom of Central Park, with extensive views of the Park and all of its surrounds. Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects with interiors by Thierry W. Despont, the classic emulation of pre-war architecture is wrapped in a limestone facade.

There are 118 residential units throughout two components, an 18-story building dubbed “The Villa,” and the 79-story “Tower”, both connected via an off-street motor court. Lifestyle amenities include private dining rooms, entertaining spaces, and an athletic club with spa.

Close up of the crown of 220 Central Park South. Photo by Michael Young

Recently, Griffin also set a new expensive home record in Chicago after the purchase of several floors in a condominium for $58.75 million. In 2015, he acquired a penthouse in Miami Beach’s Faena House for $60 million, setting the record for a Miami condo. According to the Wall Street Journal, a spokeswoman for Griffin confirmed the purchase, saying he was looking for a place to stay in town as his company Citadel is opening a new office at 425 Park Avenue.

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27 Comments on "$238 Million Sale of 220 Central Park South’s Penthouse Shatters National Record"

  1. Makes you want to take a shower

  2. Please pardon me for using your space: I think you probably could. Wow! Keeping my voice as calm as I could, not like any towers and some progress had been made me surprised in price. (Thank you)

  3. Pardon my space usage: It sure seems like construction on 220 has slowed down considerably. I hope it’s finished soon as it is a stunner.

  4. Please pardon my using your space. Go big or go home baby!

  5. A front runner for the ‘Buy High Sell Low’ Hall of Fame

  6. Imagine how much good would come from a 70% tax on people like this, and they would still have plenty left over for their penthouses.

    • I so agree with you. or how much good some of that money could do for others, wildlife, environment, or animal sanctuaries, homelessness, hungry children, etc etc… this to me is selfishness.

  7. please pardon me for using your space; the building look good, i like alot , such views

  8. What does “Please pardon me for using your space” mean? This phrase is in this column everyday and it is idiotic, tiresome and it adds nothing to the conversation. And how can anyone use someone else’s space? And why must they be pardoned?

    • A certain person has been prefacing their comments with it for a long time, and now others are using it to be funny I guess.

      • I think it’s actually a pleasantly refreshing return to decorum and politeness compared to what is happening everywhere else on the internet!

      • Personally, I hate it.
        The comment space is our space. If the owners of the site didn’t want our thoughts, there’d be no comment area.
        If I were in charge, I delete every single comment that starts off that insipid and stupid apology.

  9. #220CentralParkSouth – #Penthouse – #News #Release…Yes, it’s good to be King! First belonged to legendary record producer #JoelDiamond for 19 years and now #KenGriffin…And the timeline still continues!

  10. I live a five minute walk from here and am just able to afford my 2K/month rent. Talk about income inequality…

  11. Well, at least it’s not another one of Trump’s Russian oligarch buddies buying up more NYC real estate, not the least of which occurs in Trump’s buildings. All that laundered Russian money must be sooo clean by now.
    Oh wait, hold the presses, I mis-spoke.
    Here’s a news flash about Griffin’s Citadel investment firm’s Russian dealings:
    “Russian State corporation Rostec and IT holding Citadel have announced an agreement to launch a joint venture which will create corporate IT products based on military developments in the field of information security”.
    This, as Trump’s Republican fellow travelers in the Senate have allowed him to remove sanctions
    on Oleg Deripaska, a prominent figure in campaign manager Manafort’s illegal dealings with Russia, dealings which permeated Trump’s tainted election
    —while his soon-to-be top security officer Flynn dined with Putin in celebration of his ,propaganda outlet RT, and then illegally lied about his other Russian contacts to the FBI.
    Indeed, when Donald withdraws from NATO, what a splendid Valentine’s Day gift that will make for Vlad! Fireworks in Red Square, no doubt.
    And just like in Holy Mother Russia (aka Putin’s Paradise),
    Trump is now threatening the families of potential Congressional witnesses,
    as he makes plans to ignore both Congress and our Constitutional separation of powers to get his way. Sounds like he must have been taking lessons from Vlad in those secret meetings
    —the meetings in which he destroyed whatever notes there were.
    It makes one wonder just who bankrolled Comrade I-am-not-a-crook Trump after his multiple bankruptcies, when no American bank would touch him. And to whom is he beholden?
    No wonder he refuses to release his financial records. My, what a lengthly audit!
    Can that soaring Moscow Trump Tower be far behind? ….the one that Trump knew nothing about?
    ….the very same Trump Tower where he’ll probably flee when he’s hopefully indicted or impeached.
    Too bad he’s already promised the penthouse to Vlad. So sad, so sad.
    The Soviets lost the Cold War — only to win over Trump, and so much more.
    Doesn’t that always happen to our vanquished enemies you ask?
    Yes, but while the old Soviet Union is gone, KGB Putin and his crew are still here and still our foes, except in the eyes of a certain inept President of dubious loyalty
    – dubious loyalty both to America and to our allies.
    I think I’ll go hide under the covers,
    But only after I once again watch that now-timely 60’s comedy titled
    “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming”.
    I definitely need a good comedy right now.
    Maybe afterwards I’ll watch that even more timely film,”The Manchurian Candidate “.
    THEN I’ll most certainly go hide under the covers.
    And pray.

  12. My space Pardon you must ….

  13. please pardon me to using your space, let’s this will be our interface language phrase when we start writing comments. It’s not offensive for me, I skip it, considering a David continuing internet name, and start reading his comments after the word “space”. Btw I’m agree that this comment section is our space for placing comment. Now, Stan chaz continuously make his own political views prevail over what’s really he wanted said about articles. This not good.
    Second about this article. This is a modern landmark building, it’s doesn’t really matter how tall it is, it’s pretty tall at 950 feet over 59 street grounds, over Central Park, and it’s making longer to finishing their retro details and inside interiors, also each apartment in this uber luxury building is unique, please mention this. Finishing work in such Uber luxury tall building could take several years after tops out and even exterior cladding finished. Sale period is also can take much much longer, I’m surprise of this 200s million sale even happened in cold down luxury markets, and in pipes of at least 5-6 luxury towers coming up in vicinity of this really landmarked residential project in NY History!!! And people who buying these units simple investing in this address what is only mean they are believed in power of Trump America making Great Again and compete again with worldwide centers for safe money investment!!! Spending 238,000,000 it is a something never happened before, and they are care more for Northern View of Building, for unlimited view of Central Park!!!
    The Power Of New York as A World Capital for Safe Investment for Future!!!!

  14. And how much pray tell is the NYC Property tax on this item?

  15. I agree completely with Joey Korom commentary about that stupid phrase “Pardon my…etc.”

  16. Because he needs a place to stay in NYC near his new office. With 16 bedrooms. For some reason, this story (and others like it) make me fear the future. It’s all just too much to not come crashing down.

  17. Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?

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