5Pointz Site’s Residential Towers Nearly Complete at 22-44 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City

22-44 Jackson Avenue seen from the 26th floor of Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

A new pair of residential towers at 22-44 Jackson Avenue is rising from the former home of the colorfully eye-catching street art space, 5Pointz warehouse. The buildings are topped out over Long Island City, Queens and are making their mark on the neighborhood’s growing skyline. The elevated 7 train curves around the construction site toward the Court Square station, just across the street from the massive 1,115-unit development. The complex is being designed by HTO Architects while G&M Realty is the developer. Mojo Stumer Associates is in charge of the interior design, which will feature a 5Pointz homage, a graffiti-style logo, and similar artwork around the interiors.

The two towers seen from the 7 train. Photo by Michael Young

The site from outside the entrance to the elevated Court Square subway platform. Photo by Michael Young

Looking up from the corner of Crane Street Jackson Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Looking up at the southern facade of the northern 48-story tower on Crane Street. Photo by Michael Young

Looking up the nearly enclosed curtain wall of the southern tower. Photo by Michael Young

The shorter 41-story tower. Photo by Michael Young

The taller 48-story tower. Photo by Michael Young

Recent photos show that the curtain wall is nearly finished, with several upper levels yet to be enclosed on the shorter, 41-story skyscraper. The taller, architecturally identical sibling stands 48 stories high. The entire site will yield about 1.21 million square feet of newly built space with each apartment averaging around 876 square feet. The development will include 223 affordable housing units, and about 40,000 square feet of retail space will be housed in the podium, along with parking.

22-44 Jackson Square is slated to be finished sometime before the end of the year.

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18 Comments on "5Pointz Site’s Residential Towers Nearly Complete at 22-44 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City"

  1. What’s the point?

    • What’s the point of you?

      • On the contrary, what’s the point of you my friend,
        as you pontificate & glibly pass judgement on whether
        someone has the right to make a negative comment,
        under your oh-so-cute handle of anti-nimby.
        I hereby propose that all anti-nimbys have a trash dump immediately moved to their back yard.
        Since they refuse the right of refusal to nimbys,
        they should follow their own dictates and not be hypocrites.
        After all. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander….

    • A place for people to live. Tough one, I know. I suppose you live in a treehouse.

  2. The parking is unfortunate. NYC is clueless and sends mix messages. NYC zoning requires parking in many new developments, even ones with mass transit nearby, which is like endorsing driving but on the other hand, punishes drivers by raising tolls and creating congestion fees.

    • What’s confusing? Some percentage of people will own cars and want to park them. Parking requirements to have 1 space per unit, for example, are stupid, but SOME parking is a good idea. Traffic is mostly ubers, people who live in outer queens/brooklyn, and losers who live at their mom’s house so they just drive around all day. parking is not equal to traffic, think of this as off=street car storage.

      • There’s nothing confusing on my part. Seems like you are confused. Developments near mass transit should not require parking. If “some percentage of people” that own cars and want to park them, then they can always go to live/buy in developments that are not near mass transit and that will have parking. Let the people who don’t own cars and don’t need to park them live in places like this, which don’t need cars because there is subways close by.

        That’s how things are suppose to work and that’s how intelligent planning is, not the haphazard, illogical planning that passes for NYC zoning nowadays.

  3. Alas, parking is not the only thing about which NYC is clueless with mixed messages.

  4. Affordable? None will be. Killing lic and astoria

  5. how are they legally allowed to use the 5pointz name without direct permission from the 5pointz artists?

  6. I have seen this building rise over the years and I have never seen such a mediocre design take so unbelievably long to construct. That is really the only impressive thing about this development.

    • Using a “graffiti-style logo” after bulldozing its cathedral: That kind of gall is impressive.

    • With respect to your own opinion regarding the mediocrity, which you are entitled to ofcourse as aesthetic appeal is always based on opinions, the out shell / look of a building is not a good basis to presume how complicated the internals of a building are. The same can be said about observing the body of a vehicle vs the internal components and parts that propels it. I am not on this site. so I can’t speak on it personally, however I do build high rises for a living in NYC…

  7. This was a crime.

  8. Annette Wright | April 20, 2019 at 12:11 pm | Reply

    Hello my name is Annette I would like to know if any 2bedrooms are available in this building and if willing to accept working section8 if so please contact me thank you for your time.

  9. Mr. Galikanokus | May 18, 2019 at 10:19 am | Reply

    What in the name of Zeus’s butthole are you talking about?!?! These buildings are no where near completion. For reference, see: the hoists still on the building’s and a still incomplete curtain wall. I’m by no means pro-union, but this project appears to be a pretty good example of when non-union goes wrong.

    • Curious as to why you are not pro union ? Private unions receive no tax paying money and are paid a fare wage by the the owners of each individual trader’s company on site, that of which is agreed upon through collective bargaining. These buildings sell 800 units at 1/2 million dollars to 4 million each ( using a long island city building as reference. Manhattan is multiples higher ) and those responsible for its construction are the men and women who are skilled enough to construct it through NYC’s brutal winter and summer heat in the cities most dangerous occupation ( statistical fact ) . Should they not be compensated fairly?

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