Excavation Begins For 25 Columbus Drive in Jersey City

25 Columbus Drive, image via Jersey Digs

The first stages of excavation at 25 Columbus Drive are apparent as the asphalt from the former parking lot is now being ripped up. This will become the future site of a new mixed-use complex that will rise 626 feet tall and 57 floors high. Handel Architects is designing the proposed structure, while Mack Cali is the developer of the downtown Jersey City project. Fogarty Finger is the interiors architect. A total of 750 rental apartments, a 35,000-square-foot privately-funded public school for levels pre-K through first grade, four storefronts covering 16,485 square feet of retail space, and a public plaza will soon be built.

Proposed public plaza for 25 Columbus Drive. Rendering via L+M Development Partners.

The grade school. Rendering via L+M Development Partners.

Recent photos show a large amount of progress with a couple of pile drivers, excavators, and a tall crane rig with hollow steel caissons on the property. The construction project is bounded by Columbus Drive, Washington Street, Warren Street, and Montgomery Street. Handel’s new skyscraper will mostly occupy the northern end of the plot, while an existing apartment building will remain standing on the southern side.

Looking west at the future site of 25 Columbus Drive. Photo by Michael Young

A large crane rig is also on site to lift the hollow steel caissons for the foundations. Photo by Michael Young

Looking north on Washington Street. Photo by Michael Young

Looking east at a couple of excavators. Photo by Michael Young

The future complex is located between the Grove Street and Exchange Place PATH station, and is less than ten minutes from the Jersey City waterfront. The Exchange Place light rail platform is also to the east, as well as the Paulus Hook and Riverside ferry terminals.

A completion date for 25 Columbus Drive has not been announced yet.

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4 Comments on "Excavation Begins For 25 Columbus Drive in Jersey City"

  1. Jack Liberman | June 2, 2019 at 3:42 pm | Reply

    Jersey City become a New Manhattan City in New Jersey.

  2. PAMELA D REID | June 3, 2019 at 1:13 pm | Reply

    Ok here we go again, nice,wonderful,etc etc all the nice adjectives to describe jc, and for whom, not me, middle class worker.

  3. The GuruWarrior | June 3, 2019 at 1:25 pm | Reply

    As a resident of this wonderful city, I appreciate the hard work you are putting into this beautiful culturally diverse city.
    However, the gentrification of our neighborhoods, the high prices and the demand for perfect credit will create a serious homeless problem in this city that many of you have not thought about. Yes, crime will be down, yes you have even begun with hospitals and schools but not for the people who have made this city what it is. Families will suffer, children will have no place to go and section 8 recipients will be unable to use thier vouchers anywhere.
    This my dear developers is what we Buddhist people call “bad Karma” .
    Please, let’s try to come to some agreement so that Jersey City will not face issues with homelessness and violent crimes because of homelessness.
    We can live together, there has to be a way.
    Recently, as a Disabled woman, I was turned down to live in a wheelchair accessible apartment…I warned the owner that this is a bad neighborhood and even though you place a police car, the person you move in there will not stay. I was correct. It was terrible what that person did to the apartment.
    Now, the owner is still turning me down. This is bad Karma, the Tennant was there three months and destroyed the apartment!! Which was newly renovated.
    Understand that just because someone is on section 8 does not make them garbage..it makes them unable to live off of Disability. You try living off of 800$ a month in this economy. It’s like being hit in the face with a brick constantly
    It took ten years to get this section 8 and I had to find a landlord who understands that all people with brown skin are not bad!
    Affordable housing should be for all!! I’m going to the board to discuss this as I always do, but keep in mind the story I told you and know that the power I hold in this community shall not be taken lightly.

  4. Headline Police here. Someone has reported a violation and we need to speak with someone in charge. “Evacuation” refers to either emptying one’s bowels or rescuing people trapped by something like a fire removing troops from a dangerous situation, such as Dunkirk. The word you are looking for is EXCAVATION, the digging of a hole. I’m giving you a break this time. You’ll have to answer to the Court if it happens again. You could be sentenced to as much as 5 minutes with a real, hard copy dictionary.

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