Queens Plaza Park Rising Toward 755-Foot Parapet, at 27-29 Queens Plaza North in Long Island City

Aerial render of Queens Plaza Park looking west towards Manhattan, from The Durst OrganizationAerial render of Queens Plaza Park looking west towards Manhattan, from The Durst Organization

Construction on Queens Plaza Park, aka 27-29 Queens Plaza North, is progressing above the streets in the dense downtown neighborhood of Long Island City. The concave, curvilinear southern elevation of the 67-story tower is becoming more visible as the massive reinforced concrete structure rises. The project, which is also addressed 29-37 41st Avenue, will eventually top off at 755 feet tall and become the second tallest skyscraper in the outer boroughs. The 978,000-square-foot project is being designed by Handel Architects, while The Durst Organization is the site’s developer. Selldorf Architects will be designing the interiors.

Photos from YIMBY users Waymond Womano and baronson show how the construction site looks.

Photo by YIMBY user, Waymond_Womano

Photo by YIMBY user, Waymond_Womano

Photo by YIMBY user, Waymond_Womano

Photo by YIMBY user, Waymond_Womano

Photo by YIMBY user, baronson

The skyscraper will have no setbacks, rising uniformly from the street level to the roof. This means each floor plate is identical in size and shape, and thus should make the vertical construction process much simpler and quicker. It will nevertheless still be a couple more months until Queens Plaza Park begins to make a prominent impression on the ever-changing Long Island City skyline.

The development will create a total of 958 residential units, of which roughly 287 will be dedicated to affordable housing. Amenities for residents include an outdoor swimming pool, a 20,000-square-foot fitness center, a private residential library, co-working space, a children’s playroom, and a demonstration kitchen.

Queens Plaza Park will be eclipsed by Skyline Tower by only 23 feet. Both residential towers will still dominate the district and provide wide views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the rising and setting sun.

No formal completion date for Queens Plaza Park has been announced, but topping out should happen sometime next year.

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14 Comments on "Queens Plaza Park Rising Toward 755-Foot Parapet, at 27-29 Queens Plaza North in Long Island City"

  1. That 7 train is already crowded by the time it gets to Queens Plaza.

    • The E at Court Square is also a mess every morning. People can barely fit on the platform. And there are thousands of new apartments coming online in the next few years, all of which will feed into the same train stations. It’s going to be a major fuster-cluck.

      • Jack Liberman | June 26, 2019 at 10:08 am | Reply

        Do you understand that NYC have no open territories, no big open space for built elsewhere???
        And if you built them far away, how this will easy Queensbrigde Plaza or Court Square subway hubs???
        At least they built closer to Manhattan, and also built offices there, btw New Amazon HQ could help to swallow some of residents for local walking away thousands jobs opportunities, but you must thanks JVB and AOC as well Herr Bill Der Blasio for ruins this Deal of Century!!!

        • Jack Liberman | June 26, 2019 at 10:16 am | Reply

          To clarify my comment, the whole Current LIC adult population can be employed by Amazon New HQ if they built, but your uberstupid Jim Van Brainer and AOC kitchenmaid brains ruined this Deal of Century, for employ locally 25-45,000 Queens residents instead to driving them to other borough. Using already overcrowded subway. It is smart, and good to boot them both out of NYC!!! JVB and AOC are no welcome in Our City anymore!!!
          Call your elected state senatator and legislator that they are not welcome to be in Our Great City!!!
          And next time vote for GOP!!! Making NYC Great Again!!!

          • To my knowledge, the Environmental Impact Statements for both LIC & Downtown Brooklyn upzonings assumed more commercial space, but what got built is nearly entirely residential space. What that means in real life is that in the morning, instead of people getting off the subway in Downtown Brooklyn & LIC to go to work, you have people getting on the trains. So it’s a bit crowded in a somewhat unplanned way. This issue predates all the politicians you mention.

    • The 7 train is fine, and If you’re getting ON at Queens Plaza, that’s where it empties out for people switching to the NW. Also, 7 train capacity can increase due to signal improvements. This is an extremely tired complaint – as if we should not develop the city because your train is a little crowded some times. Build a new train, don’t stop development you knob.

      Great to see housing constructed in the urban core. We need LOTS more of this. The more people living in this part of LIC, the better for street and neighborhood life. It has a bright future if we can keep the NIMBY’s from interfering any more than they already do.

      Also, if you don’t like the high average rents on the market-rate units, try not forcing them to subsidize the “low income” units. The entire concept is idiotic. Rent stabilization makes more sense.

  2. Thanks to Waymond_Womano!

  3. Jack Liberman | June 26, 2019 at 10:24 am | Reply

    AOC!!! You are not welcome in our NYC, go back to your Puerto Rico and make it “No Amazon Land” there, not in NYC!!! You are foreigner with communist idiolynatic brains!!! Now developments still built and people must look to get to Manhattan for jobs, overcrowding our Subways, Bridges, Tunnels, instead being employ in New Amazon HQ in LIC!!! JVB and AOC are no longer welcomed in Our Still Great Developing City!!!
    The Greatest City in whole Western Hemisphere and Western World!!! Hands off and be stand off AOC, get back to serve food instead, but outside 75 mile distance from Our City!!!
    I call to boycott AOC and JVB in whole NYC!!!

    • AOC is from Bronx, you xenophobic asshat. I’m not the biggest fan of hers either, but let’s dislike her for the right reasons, not where her family is from. Not every thought you regurgitate on the internet requires an exclamation point. Nothing you’re saying is the even least bit interesting.

      • Jack Liberman | June 27, 2019 at 8:08 am | Reply

        Ok, she is from Bronx but she and JVB came to NYC to organize marches and protests against Amazon HQ, she and her comrades from Democratic Socialist fraction in Congress right now trying to do the in Washington DC Suburb of Crystal City in North Virginia, she is against Capitalism, and she want to turn America into Venezuela!!! She must be booted out from our City. And yes, she is one biggest politician who played a major role for not allowing Amazon HQ to come in NYC, and for LIC and Queens this otherwise will turn them into biggest job market for High Tech Jobs, instead of driving crazy tens of thousands LIC people over the Bridge and Tunnel to Midtown, overcrowding already packed subway system, what AOC so “worried” about!!!

      • Jack Liberman | June 27, 2019 at 8:26 am | Reply

        Yes, she is PR, and so what, my friend is PR and he is a Black, Indian, even with Jewish blood too, but he is agree with me about to what Democratic Party turned over and transformed, thanks for fraction of “greens”, “democratic socialist”, what latter sound to me like National Socialist, they were also “workers” party, and what they did, and unfortunately “Antifa” is act like true Nazis, and being supported by your beloved PR and Spanish ancestry politicians in NYC!!! True or False????
        AOC is racist Xenophobic and Antisemit plus Socialist and Communist, who are worst enemy for Free Society and Free Market!!!
        Both Socialism and Communism must be banned from American Politics!!! And Antisemitism is bad weapons of Socialism to divide human society and our neighborhoods!!!
        True or False???

    • This is not AOC’s district, genius. Granted, she may also be unaware of this fact.

  4. I wish they’d done more to incorporate the clock tower into the architecture but still a pretty attractive tower.

    • Jack Liberman | June 27, 2019 at 8:10 am | Reply

      This is interesting incorporation of early 20th Century Skyscraper architecture with 21st Century Ultra Modern architecture!!!

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