Excavation Continues for SHoP’s Supertall at 9 DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn

9 DeKalb Avenue. Rendering by SHoP Architects

Excavation is progressing at 9 DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, the site of the borough’s first supertall. The 1,066-foot-tall tower is designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS, which secured $664 million in funding for the project several months ago from Otéra Capital Inc. and Silverstein Capital Partners. The 73-story residential tower  will eventually become the tallest structure in Brooklyn, as well as the first tower in the outer boroughs to pass the 300-meter supertall threshold.

The property is located on a triangular plot at the intersection of DeKalb Avenue and Fleet Street. The sharp angle of the site, plus the presence of the adjacent 160-year-old, landmarked Dimes Savings Bank of Brooklyn are making the excavation and foundation work a greater challenge.

Recent photos from above show the geometric layout of the property and the limited amount of free space that machines, materials, and crews are currently working with on site.

Looking down at the site. Photo by Michael Young

Excavators and pile driving machines maneuver between each other in such a tight space. Photo by Michael Young

The current skyline of Downtown Brooklyn looking southwest down Flatbush Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

The northern edge of 9 DeKalb Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

9 DeKalb Avenue is expected to contain 425 rental apartments and 150 condominiums. An outdoor terrace and a rooftop pool for residents will be located on the roof of the Dime Savings Bank. This phase of construction will likely happen after the reinforced concrete superstructure of 9 DeKalb Avenue is substantially built up. The swimming pool appears to sit between the raised dome and the edge of the residential floor plates.

The rooftop pool and outdoor terrace. Rendering by SHoP Architects.

Completion is expected in 2022.

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13 Comments on "Excavation Continues for SHoP’s Supertall at 9 DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn"

  1. Looks like the exact same hole as last year. I’ll believe it when the thing goes vertical.

  2. David in Bushwick | July 16, 2019 at 9:04 am | Reply

    This is probably my favorite design for any new supertall and Brooklyn gets the bragging rights.

  3. I get a sense they abandoned the plan to build a super-tall and are now just playing around with excavators in a shallow ditch. I blame the unimpeded access to psychoactive substances.

    • Ha ha – along those lines, my neighbor’s kid dug a hole in his sandbox and proceeded to “go vertical” the next day with a fine sand castle (built within budget, I am sure). The castle is higher than anything yet constructed at this so-called site.

  4. Same hole since 2016

  5. It seems that the amount of coverage this building gets from YIMBY is inversely related to the progress being made on its construction.

  6. This is the second foundation contractor. Even so, they have been working on site for a long time.

  7. Are they dawdling, waiting for Junior’s to cave, either figuratively or literally?

  8. So sad.

  9. The buildings in the surrounding area are already tall enough this is getting out of hand smh.

  10. Gilbert Figueroa Jr. | July 18, 2019 at 9:58 am | Reply

    Patience Is All That Is Needed And Requested. Brooklyn Will Get Its Golden 9 Dekalb Super Tall Building Soon Enough. Brooklyn Will Rise And More Super Tall Companions Will Come Aboard. Financing Takes Time And The Golden 9 Dekalb Will Have It All And At The Foot Of The Manhattan Bridge. Enjoy!

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