Thomas Heatherwick’s Pier 55 Sculptural Concrete Pots Near Completion in Chelsea

Little Island. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick

The large concrete pots that form the foundation of Thomas Heatherwick’s Pier 55 park over the Hudson River are close to completion. These massive, funnel-shaped components are anchored to a number of individual concrete piers and create a striking appearance from the shore. They serve to support the pier’s undulating, rolling terrain and varying topographical elevations, which will eventually be covered in a lush landscape of vegetation and greenery. The construction site is located along the Chelsea waterfront and rises where Cunard’s Pier 54 once stood. The 2.7-acre park features a total of 425 piles and is being managed by the Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT)Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, P.C. is designing the landscaping.

Photographs from Hudson River Park show the pots almost all completed and should soon get a concrete pour to form the floor of the park and base for the landscaping. The design concept is supposed to resemble a leaf floating on water

Pier 55. Photo by Michael Young

Looking west at the southern entrance, which makes use of the skeleton of Cunard’s old pier structure.

A close-up of one of the entrances that will take people between the pots. Photo by Michael Young

Looking at the northern perimeter of the waterfront park. Photo by Michael Young

A close-up of the concrete pots. Photo by Michael Young

Looking north at Pier 55 and the future promenade that leads to the park. Photo by Michael Young

Looking at the pots on the southern perimeter of Pier 55. Photo by Michael Young

The concrete pots, which are composed of four to six individual segments called petals, were manufactured by the Fort Miller Company concrete plant in Easton, New York and shipped down the Hudson River. Tree planting and landscaping should happen next year.

Completion is expected by spring 2021.

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9 Comments on "Thomas Heatherwick’s Pier 55 Sculptural Concrete Pots Near Completion in Chelsea"

  1. “The design concept is supposed to resemble a leaf floating on water”

    Uh huh. And in a year, it will be a dirty, stained leaf that looks like some kind of dystopian prison barge, but whatever.

  2. Nice, but tell me again how many 100’s of millions does this cost?

  3. Yeah, let’s do condemn it before it’s finished. Let’s insult the whole concept because we can see the future and it is snark.

  4. How was this project funded?

    • The entire project is being privately funded by Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenburg and is being given to the city. Much like the Highline, once it is complete, upkeep will be funded by a private/public organization (meaning donations, not from city park funds).

  5. Carmine Bassano | August 18, 2019 at 10:21 am | Reply

    . . . dunno about this one but I wish ’em luck. It IS interesting. Had NO idea what this was . . .

  6. I’m so interested to see it finished. It caught my eye when I was at The Whitney Museum, but there was no information as to what it was. Perhaps some signage would be possible?

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