Brookfield Reveals ‘Bankside’ Complex on the Harlem River Waterfront in Mott Haven, The Bronx

Rendering of Bankside (ArX Solutions)Rendering of Bankside by ArX Solutions)

Brookfield Properties has officially announced its Bankside mixed-use project in Mott Haven, near the southern tip of The Bronx. The development includes seven residential buildings, 34,000 square feet of public waterfront space along the Harlem River, 15,000 square feet of retail, and a mix of community facilities.

Currently under construction, Bankside is touted as one of the largest private investments in the borough’s history.

“We are excited to unveil the new Bankside name and design and to commence construction, bringing the development to life,” said Brookfield Property Group chairman Ric Clark. “Mott Haven is a special neighborhood, and we think Bankside will be a great addition, bringing much-needed housing, a new public waterfront park and esplanade, and hundreds of construction jobs, many of which will be filled with Bronx residents through our local hiring program.”

Aerial view before development (left by Inflight Solutions) and aerial rendering after development (right by ArX Solutions)

Aerial view before development (left by Inflight Solutions) and aerial rendering after development (right by ArX Solutions)

Rendering of Bankside Esplanade by ArX Solutions

Rendering of Bankside Esplanade by ArX Solutions

Bankside will rise from two parcels located on each side of the Third Avenue Bridge along the Harlem River. Those parcels are addressed as 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue.

When complete, the entire development will yield 1,350 apartments, with 30 percent designated to be income-targeted through the Affordable Housing New York program. Phase one is expected to debut by the end of 2021 and includes construction of 2401 Third Avenue. This tower will contain 450 residential apartments.

Bankside is designed by Hill West Architects, whose project team drew inspiration from the heavy industrial texture of the Mott Haven neighborhood. In an attempt to evoke that history, building materials throughout the development consist of rusticated masonry, dark metal accents, and raw concrete.

Bankside Facade by ArX Solutions

Bankside façade by ArX Solutions

Specific information regarding future phases and the mix of components within each tower has not yet been revealed by the developer.

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8 Comments on "Brookfield Reveals ‘Bankside’ Complex on the Harlem River Waterfront in Mott Haven, The Bronx"

  1. 1,350 apartments good. 2,700 apartments better.

  2. Bronx is the next Brooklyn

  3. The Bronx is a completely different beast. It’s always been my favorite borough because of it’s intense apartment block density and its topography. What’s great about the Bronx is the scale of potential and the potential scale of those buildings. The Bronx is primed for not just 6-8 floor apartment buildings but highrises too spread throughout the entire borough. The next several decades are going to be amazing. The Bronx could easily add 300,000 units.

    • I understand your sentiment but what the Bronx really needs is OWNERSHIP. Only Manhattan has a lower rate of ownership of the 5 boroughs. Townhouses can provide density. So can condo buildings. High end rentals are good… but it is still a level of transient mentality. Owners have greater stakes in where they live. They are more willing to fight for good schools and healthy food options. So I’m not against density. I just think the right density is to have more owners. The north east and the East Bronx never became slums because they are mostly 2 family houses. It was more stable like Queens. Middle class – not rich – but stable.
      As to high rises… that only works close to the trains..

      • NYC as a whole is mostly renters.

        The housing in the East Bronx is far more diverse than what you are saying, and that has nothing to do with good schools and healthy food options.

        Ownership has nothing to do with density.

        The primary barrier to ownership is cost.

        The reason why public schools in the Bronx have low performance is because they are used by the poorest residents. The more economically diverse an area becomes, it begins to shift the public schools.

        And the schools, despite their issues, are much better today than what they were 20 years ago. This is because more families, who could otherwise leave, are choosing to raise their children in the city.

        When it comes to food choices, poorer residents have less disposable incomes. For stores to stock more options, including more expensive healthy options, there needs to be people who will purchase those items.

  4. As a longtime Bronx resident, I am excited to see this project come to fruition. We need higher end housing on the waterfront. River Park Towers at Tremont has been a disaster. It demonstrates why you do not place poverty housing on the waterfront. Despite having beautiful parkland, very few Bronx residents feel safe using Roberto Clemente State Park and the adjacent city parkland. This proposed housing will provide a new waterfront amenity that will benefit all Bronxites regardless of their income.

  5. Bronxite sadly I have to agree with you. The new Sheridan formerly expressway. Is a stomping ground for car break ins! They are stealing side view mirrors like crazy!

  6. My beef with upzoning is how irresponsibly it is done by EDC. The people who live in these communities have made the BX their home and they will be pushed out by high rents. At a time when NYC has 65K homeless people., we need to afford low income residents who are most vulnerable, protections against displacement. I don’t think sending folks to other states, dumping them in NJ for example is the answer. Come on people! This society feels more compassion for a lost puppy than for homeless and those struggling below poverty limits. Shame!

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