430 East 58th Street, aka 3 Sutton Place, Making Its Mark Atop Midtown East Skyline

430 East 58th Street, photo by Tectonic

Architectural photographer Tectonic recently checked in on the progress at 430 East 58th Street, aka 3 Sutton Place, an 800-foot-tall residential skyscraper in Midtown East. Designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen and developed by Gamma Real Estate with Stephen B. Jacobs Group as the executive architect, the 62-story project will contain 121 units.

Photos below show how much the reinforced concrete superstructure and curtain wall panels have risen since YIMBY’s December update.

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic

The site is located between Sutton Place South and First Avenue, not far from the East River. Its relative isolation from other buildings of similar prominence will give occupants wide views of the Midtown skyline, from Billionaires’ Row to the Empire State Building, and down to the World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan. There will also be excellent vistas of the nearby Queensboro Bridge. Residential amenities listed on the website include a children’s playroom, a gym, a conference room, a screening room, and a lounge.

No finalized renderings of 430 East 58th Street have been published, however, three close-up shots of the property were spotted. There is a view at street level looking at the northern elevation and main entrance, a mid-rise, and pinnacle shot of the glass and stone curtain wall. The crown is depicted with a flat roof parapet and a wraparound of repetitive indented rectangular cutouts. The scale and proportions match the dimensions and configuration of the multi-story grid of glass, which is divided roughly every three floors by intermittent lines of stone.

The top of 430 East 58th Street looking north, rendering by Thomas Juul Hansen

A mid-rise shot of the curtain wall, rendering by Thomas Juul Hansen

Street level, rendering by Thomas Juul Hansen

A formal completion date for 430 East 58th Street has not been announced, though at this point construction could finish sometime in 2021.

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17 Comments on "430 East 58th Street, aka 3 Sutton Place, Making Its Mark Atop Midtown East Skyline"

  1. Hopefully, this project comes to a successful completion; and, no other building in the city will have the fate of 200 Amsterdam Ave where a judge asked the developer to remove the top 20 floors already built.

  2. Educated as an urban planner and one that generally embraces progress I am dismayed. While I have nothing against the building design I do believe the structure is out of scale and context concerning the urban fabric of the surrounding neighborhood. An area which is characterized by its lower-density including row houses, walk-ups and pre-war mid-rises on Sutton Place. Yes I am aware of The Sovereign (also out of scale and character and its pseudo international design by Emery Roth and Sons in an area dominated by pre-war design ). While I understand the attraction of the site and unimpeded views I believe locating north of 1st Ave, even better on 2nd Ave may have been a more appropriate site versus the neighborhood south of 1st Avenue.

  3. Sandblasted Jura limestone beige from Franken Schotter in Germany, looks great.

  4. I’d rather have a duplex penthouse in that beautiful brown brick building on the corner of Sutton Place South, where the windows open,instead of this airtight glass phallic tower!

  5. Rip Kay, nothing is happening to 200 Amsterdam. Just delusional NIMBY posturing and delays.

    This building is pure class. A great addition to Sutton Place.

  6. Great structure. Any Idea on completion? Thanks aagain to Yimby for a great share

  7. David in Bushwick | April 14, 2020 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    So dull and boring, just like the occupants visiting 1 month a year.

  8. marjorie ellenbogen | April 15, 2020 at 7:13 am | Reply

    sad event

  9. The location is between Sutton Place and First Ave, not Sutton Place South.

  10. David in Bushwick: your comments are so dull and boring. My god.

  11. The building will sell fast. Old cultured rich neighborhood. With rich old ppl.

    Good luck with the hipsters and rousing chatter outside a 2 million dollar 1910 home.

    But yes there r great views. Perfect for some 28 yr old wall street guy. All his neighbors will be 60 plus though.

  12. The building does robthe area of its old world nyc feel. But in time (2040) all the old folks will be in florida and their kids wont want the homes.

    U buy 5 of them and build the nect tower.

    30 million for homes bought for 300k to 500k? In the 60s. Nice return.

    Like i say: buy simple homes insimple neighborhoods and wait.

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