Permits Filed for the Third Phase of Rockaway Village in Far Rockaway, Queens

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel ArchitectsRendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Permits have been filed for three mixed-use buildings at 20-12 and 21-02 Mott Avenue, and 17-21 Redfern Avenue in Far Rockaway, Queens. The three structures are part of Phase 3 of the Rockaway Village complex, a five-phase development bringing eight buildings with retail, community facilities, and 1,700 new affordable housing units to an underutilized area near the Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue subway station, serviced by the A train. Non-profit developer Phipps Houses under the Mott Center, LLC is listed as the owner behind the applications. Marvel Architects is listed as the architect of record.

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Rendering of Rockaway Village via Marvel Architects

Renderings depict an assemblage of buildings that vary in massing and volume, providing a scheme in which each structure appears unique yet still harmonious within the group. Landscaped terraces on the various setbacks complement the large plaza, a prominent feature of Rockaway Village.

The proposed 98-foot-tall development at 20-12 Mott Avenue will rise ten stories and house 55 residential units. 21-02 Mott Avenue, a 150-foot-tall edifice, will rise 15 stories with 129 residential units and 7,650 square feet of community facility space within. The 123-foot-tall building at 17-21 Redfern Avenue will rise 12 stories, with 354 residential units and 188 enclosed parking spaces. The concrete-based structures will also have a cumulative 112,293 square feet of commercial space between 20-12 Mott Avenue and 17-21 Redfern Avenue.

Demolition permits were filed in 2018 for the two sites on Mott Avenue and in 2019 for the lot on Redfern Avenue. There is a 2026 estimated completion date for the entire complex.

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12 Comments on "Permits Filed for the Third Phase of Rockaway Village in Far Rockaway, Queens"

  1. New constellation, and consoled by lighting to conspicuous: Thank you.

  2. David in Bushwick | May 12, 2020 at 8:58 am | Reply

    Excellent project! It’s nice to see a few proposed solar panels on top. If New York is to truly lead the future, this project should be all-electric and built to passive standards. There is no adequately good reason not to.

    • U make pts. Full solar may be costly. The environ impact is important.

      I wonder how shore resistant thw sites are or will be in 40 yrs.

      But the developers will do good. U have stewdy retail. Tax savings. Parking revenue. And the future rent increases on affordable land

  3. Ben Liptscher | May 12, 2020 at 12:00 pm | Reply

    Could you provide any information on phases 1 & 2? They appear to be under construction and seem worth mentioning.

  4. This is a top shelf awesome project.

    On a side note, the Far Raockaway Shopping Center this is replacing was a horrendous mid-century dump but do any locals know what happened to the old sign? Did someone save it?

  5. Damu Radheshwar | May 12, 2020 at 1:21 pm | Reply

    Marvel Architects and Phipps House developers have a great track record and sensibilities. This development appears to be a bedroom community. Will the other phases of the development include offices or other places of work besides the businesses serving the residents?
    While adding new housing, the transport infrastructure appears to remain unchanged. Comprehensive planning in the communities could holistically look at the infrastructure and economy. My other comment is how much open space – park is planned for 1700 units.

  6. Glad to see this happening.
    Family goes back a long way in Far Rockaway. This community is hungry for a rebirth.

  7. This city is doomed for anyone who desires a place to be proud to call home. I made the mistake of investing off of a plan (for a better community that was supposed to be comparable to the Hamptons) before the real estate market crashed. Id be lucky if I can someone to rent it when I leave, not even to mention the chance of someone being interested in buying it!

    Mott Ave is a disaster now, and will be a revamped disaster when this project is over.

  8. All these Affordable Housing Project have a huge price on the community. Rockaway’s infrastructure is at an exhaust. Transportation, Medical, Fire and Police protection, Utilities are at a state of exhaustion. Waste treatment is antiquated and polluting our waters, the City has stated it needs to shut down and piped across the bay for treatment at Spring Creek. We have one hospital for over 150,000 (Rockaway & 5 Towns), we used to have three (St. John’s, Peninsula General and Howard Beach). Schools are overcrowded and understaffed, Gun and Violent Crime at an all time high. Politicians are clueless and continue to drain the little resources we have left. Building without infrastructure leads to the slums of tomorrow! Thank you useless Councilman Donovan Richards!

    • You are absolutely correct he and Meeks sold out his people and now this b*stard Richards is Queensboro president!!! Shame on him and all involved and the lack of knowledge input and involvement of local CB . What a disaster

  9. We begged them to build a Whole Foods ,galleries &an art cinema that shows Independent films to draw in the hipsters who are close by in Williamsburg ,BedStuy a 40 minute subway ride & even closer in Rockaway Beach but he insisted on a low income housing project of only low income & homeless without infrastructure .Good luck on reinventing a brand new scary dangerous slum .I blame the entire eastern Far Rockaway Five Towns clueless area for not giving a damn .Well embrace it & dont complain when crime is at an all time high.With all the money the community has they could have made it work ,now their own existence is their own punishment .

  10. This project is a disgrace. It is totally out of scale with the rest of the Far Rockaway community. It will not bring in any residents that possess any type of disposable income to revitalize the area. There is nothing but tight ultra high rise ghetto construction that does not provide any significant open space or park area. The development will further drain any vital health, police or educational services in the area, and sadly continues the long term history of New York City dumping its intractable social problems on the Rockaways. Diblasio, Richards and Meeks will live in infamy with Lindsay and Beam in the annals of villains that totally destroyed a once vibrant community.

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