19-Story Affordable Housing Project Breaks Ground at 1159 River Avenue in the South Bronx

Aerial rendering of 1159 River Avenue - Urban QuotientAerial rendering of 1159 River Avenue - Urban Quotient

Construction has officially broken ground at 1159 River Avenue, a new 245-unit affordable housing project in the Concourse section of the South Bronx. Designed by Urban Quotient, the 19-story building will comprise 240,000 square feet. In addition to income-restricted and supportive housing, the structure will contain residential amenity spaces and a new ground-floor supermarket.

The development arrives on the heels of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $20 billion five-year Housing Plan, which aims to build or preserve more than 100,000 affordable homes including 6,000 with on-site supportive services for the most vulnerable New Yorkers. In The Bronx, the initiative has created or preserved more than 15,000 affordable homes, which equates more than $1.3 billion of investment.

“We continue to make unprecedented investments in affordable housing that will help tackle the dual inequality and homelessness crises,” Governor Cuomo said. “New developments like this project demonstrate our ongoing efforts to provide Bronx residents with high-quality, energy-efficient homes with supportive services for the most vulnerable among us.”

The new building will include 148 units set aside for individuals and families who have experienced homelessness and those with mental illness. Of these units, 128 households will have access to on-site supportive services and rental assistance funded through the Governor’s Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative. The supportive services will be administered by the New York State Office of Mental Health in collaboration with Community Access and will include primary care, mental health services, vocational training, nutrition, harm reduction strategies, social support, and more.

The remaining rental units will be reserved for low-income individuals and families, plus one additional apartment for the live-in superintendent.

Amenity spaces will include an art gallery, exercise room, laundry facilities, outdoor terraces, and computer rooms. The property is located less than a ten-minute walk from Yankee Stadium.

“Projects like 1159 River Avenue are helping Bronx residents live safely in high-quality, affordable homes and achieve independence,” said Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. “Building more supportive housing is critical as we continue our fight against homelessness.”

Rendering of outdoor terrace at1159 River Avenue - Urban Quotient

Rendering of outdoor terrace at1159 River Avenue – Urban Quotient

Street-facing terrace along River Avenue accross from the 167th Street subway platform - Urban Quotient

Street-facing terrace along River Avenue across from the 167th Street subway platform – Urban Quotient

Grocery store exterior facade at the ground floor of 1159 River Avenue - Urban Quotient

Grocery store exterior facade at the ground floor of 1159 River Avenue – Urban Quotient

The New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) is the government agency responsible for development. Additional members of the development team include J. Equities II, an affiliate of affordable housing developer Maddd Equities, as well as Community Access.

HCR’s financing for 1159 River Avenue includes $25 million in permanent tax-exempt bonds, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits that will generate $43 million in equity, and $16 million in subsidy. An award from the New York State Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative will provide $3 million annually for services and operations. The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development is providing an additional $26 million of subsidy through its Supportive Housing Loan Program.

“The 245 households that will live here will benefit from great amenities, excellent transit access, conveniently located stores and schools, and nearby recreational space,” said HCR commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas. “We are proud to partner with Community Access on this development to provide modern apartments and vital mental health care services to New Yorkers in need.”

Rendering of 1159 River Avenue building entrance beneath 167th Street subway tracks - Urban Quotient

Rendering of 1159 River Avenue building entrance beneath 167th Street subway tracks – Urban Quotient

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47 Comments on "19-Story Affordable Housing Project Breaks Ground at 1159 River Avenue in the South Bronx"

  1. When I lived nearby in the mid-20th-century, this was a row of stores, including a supermarket and a bialy bakery. I guess you really can’t go home again!

  2. David in Bushwick | November 4, 2020 at 9:33 am | Reply

    Nice, simple design that will age well. That $20 billion should just be a start. Ignoring people who need help the most is a sin.

  3. Brenda Liz Madera | November 4, 2020 at 12:25 pm | Reply

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  7. Aokeeyba Taylor | November 4, 2020 at 2:58 pm | Reply

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  9. Yes, $20 billion for the privilege of living right next to one of the oldest,-24-hour, most heavily-trafficked, noisy, dirty elevated subway railroad tracks,in the biggest city in the nation. Lovely.

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  11. Lorraine Givens | November 4, 2020 at 5:52 pm | Reply

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  30. Hector Hernandez | November 23, 2020 at 8:13 pm | Reply

    It’s a very important area for us to live in.

  31. Jacqueline Minoso | November 24, 2020 at 12:12 am | Reply

    I have citypheps for 1256.00. I would like an application.

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  33. My spouse and I have Mental Health issues and have been in the shelter system for going on 5 years next month. We have a supportive housing voucher and recently was told we were flagged for an interview. Needless to say we asked our caseworker 3 days later to please follow up… Now she saying that we missed it that the provider was contacted with the date and time and yet she has no clue who the provider is. I had supportive housing under my name for 18months cause I was given 2 extensions now my spouse has it in his name and he’s high priority and we still sit here with no one to advocate for us, no one to right this wrong.. We have done all that is required of us. We sleep in the shelter every night where most people just come and sign the bed sheet and sleep else where. I haven’t been able to meet my grandaughter or my niece because we can’t be gone.. We do things the right way and we have no one helping advocate yet you have families and couples who break rules drink and do drugs( mind you we live on the uws and they don’t want us here) we are sober just have mental health and no help. We need our own place my husbands mental health comes and goes and its hard.. Please someone anyone have advice???

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