270 Park Avenue’s New Superstructure Begins to Rise as Demolition Continues in Midtown East, Manhattan

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

The first steel beams of JP Morgan Chase‘s 1,425-foot supertall have begun to rise at 270 Park Avenue as work continues on the demolition of its 52-story former headquarters in Midtown East. The new steelwork is being assembled on the Madison Avenue-facing side of the parcel, where a low-rise podium once stood, while the main 707-foot-tall skyscraper formerly known as the Union Carbide Building continues its descent toward Park Avenue. The new tower will eventually span the entire block between East 47th and 48th Streets from Park to Madison Avenues and yield 2.5 million square feet of office space.

Recent photos show the massive scale of the newly welded steel members, which appear to be the first in the series of exposed angular supports at the base of the tower, as seen in the massing diagram below. Upon closer inspection, half of the outline of what appears to be an elongated octagonal framework of columns and beams is also visible. Wooden platforms have been assembled to enable the red construction crane to traverse the site.

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

A diagram that shows the programs inside 270 Park Avenue

Meanwhile, demolition work is reaching the last group of floors of the former headquarters, with the wrap-around metal scaffolding and black netting being steadily removed with each dismantled level. A sliver of the tower’s façade can still be spotted along Park Avenue, a final reminder of its mid-century design. We could likely expect demolition to reach street level by early spring. When complete, 270 Park Avenue will become the tallest building to ever be peacefully demolished, taking the distinction from the Signer Building, a 612-foot-tall skyscraper in the Financial District that was razed in 1968.

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

270 Park Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Few details are available regarding the new supertall, with no official architect, final rendering, or construction timeline yet announced.

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43 Comments on "270 Park Avenue’s New Superstructure Begins to Rise as Demolition Continues in Midtown East, Manhattan"

  1. This building will transform the skyline more than Vanderbilt ever could.

    • Maybe..( we don’t even really know exactly what it looks like yet.)

    • I’m very excited about this tower, but I don’t believe it will have as much impact as One Vanderbilt due to the location. You have NYPL, Bryant Park and Grand Central all surrounding One Vanderbilt. Plus, One Vanderbilt has an observation deck, while 270 Park Ave is pure office building.

  2. “No time like the present”
    ..even if it’s this lousy present.

  3. Cheesemaster200 | January 25, 2021 at 9:25 am | Reply

    Steel being erected before final renderings and architect? That’s new. Usually projects like this are blowing smoke well before their is even a realistic intent to build, much less having financing secured. Just look

    • Financing is probably not an issue for JPMorgan Chase.

    • This situation is unique in that the owner and tenant of the new building is the owner and tenant of the old building being torn down.

    • Cheesemaster200 | January 25, 2021 at 1:06 pm | Reply


      Also, don’t know if that is a good thing. I hope they are not trying to keep the public uninformed to reduce any criticism and delay the project.

    • It was the ‘Singer’ Building that was ‘peacefully’ demolished in 68, (if there is such a thing) not ‘Signer’..but more importantly, what a beautiful structure that was, and what an unfortunate decision.

    • Isn’t that tower designed by Foster$Partners? It has so many typical Foster elements. The triangles for example.

  4. Are they using existing foundation? How are they started construction before demolition completed?

    • Yes they are using the existing foundation. And remember that they are building over active train tracks going into Grand Central. Pretty cool to see the new building go up at one end of the block while the old one is still coming down at the other!

  5. A new meaning to “fast track”

  6. Guess the neigboring buildings will be able to enjoy the sunlight and views while they can, before the new JP Morgan Chase tower plunges them back into “darkness”? ?

    • My mom worked at union carbide years ago I remember going there when I was younger. RIPmom. Also worked there as an ironworker doing renovations

  7. Whatever happened to “Shadow Study” of buildings?

    • Shadows studies are only required for projects that need a variance, rezoning, or other discretionary approval from the city. This project is being built as-of-right, so there is no requirement for a shadows study.

  8. Curious and encouraging to see significant construction concurrent with demolition. But will it be 1200-1300 ft or 1425 ft? The more significant the better, at least in part to help validate the removal of the beautiful former structure.

    • I certainly hope they reach for the skies,especially with a new tower hundreds of feet taller now approved for 175 Park Avenue planned to open in 2030.

  9. This dance of destroy & replace is symbolic of the disposability of American workers,
    workers whose job security & inherent human value is degraded, destroyed & denied
    in the name of so-called economic progress & unchecked corporate greed.
    Meanwhile, is JP Mogan Chase still funding the many seditious elements of the Republican Party
    that shamelessly supported, aided & abetted the recent attempted coup?

    • “the recent attempted coup”

      Lol!! Stay on your meds Stan.

    • “Recent attempted coup”? You mean the four-year attempt by the Democratic Party, launched by Pres O (with VP Joe in the office) on Jan 5, 2017, right? You know, the proven-phony Russia collusion BS. Right, stan?

    • Actually the new building is to improve the work atmosphere at JP Morgan Chase. The building will offer more collaborative and open space than the building it replaces. This is being done so JP Morgan can attract the best and brightest, so a win/win.

      I don’t see how keeping a 1970’s building in place would have benefited anyone other than JP Morgan as they could have saved money while employees continued working in an older less attractive space.

    • Hey Nikolai Fedak… Is this not political?

      • It is, and I don’t want it here, Stan’s comments go through without moderation (like yours) as you have prior approved comments. Please, all sides, NO PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS, thank you.

  10. I believe 270 Park Avenue takes the crown as the most exciting building being built in New York City right now. The process of how it has been deconstructed and “reconstructed” has just been so interesting to follow. I really cannot wait to see how this turns out! I also still hope we can learn more about the specifications of 270 Park Avenue soon. I guess it adds to the excitement!

  11. Hong Kong skyline has more buildings than nyc but nyc skyline is more iconic. The reason why Hong Kong have buildings than nyc is that they have alot of apartments in their skyline. But I still think Nyc has the greatest skyline in the world.

  12. David : Sent From Heaven. | January 25, 2021 at 9:42 pm | Reply

    Your fingers grabbed the progress for the reasons why, my eye’s skills woke up on construction that pushing it: Thanks to New York YIMBY.

    • Mr. Galikanokus | January 26, 2021 at 7:01 am | Reply

      David, you’re back!!! Glad to see your programmer has you back on line. I’m guessing that your hiatus meant that you were being upgraded to Version 2.0 of your bot software. Unfortunately, judging by this post, Version 2.0 is buggy as hell. Your comment is even more nonsensical than most of your previous work. You should probably get that looked at.

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    Thank you
    Elgun Khanoghlanli

  14. I saw a picture of the new towers that are proposed around madison square garden they are massive. Anybody on here knows anything about that. Plz comment if you do.

  15. I am not a real estate expert but deal with many buildings in Manhattan. Many of People I talk to Ecco this unfortunate thought/theory I have for commercial building going forward: Since the pandemic around mid March, if you are a company that has let’s say 2 or more floors leased in a building and you’ve had a basic way to monitor the performance all your employees that have been working remotely since mid March, and you have determined that they have been working efficiently from home, the question is, if your lease is due within the next six months or a year, do you really need to lease those two floors or will 1 suffice? I say the answer is no, and companies will just keep essential staff like upper management and IT in the commercial buildings. Remote employees will continue to work from home.. Do you think this is going to be the new norm? If so, that would spell disaster for the new York city commercial real estate market as tons of office space will be available thus driving the price down. What do you think ?

  16. Demolition of Singer & Penn Station was vandalism. It should be an improvement here

  17. I’m looking forward to the new 270 Park…the taller the better…but the 175 Park Avenue just proposed is going to be over 1640 feet tall!…will be amazing to have people looking at each other’s windows over the top of the now puny 200 Park.

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