Affordable Housing Secures Financing At 261 East 202nd and 270 East 203rd Streets in Bedford Park, The Bronx

261 E. 202nd Street, courtesy of Aufgang Architects261 E. 202nd Street, courtesy of Aufgang Architects

This week New York State Homes and Community Renewal, New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and developer CAMBA Housing Ventures, an affiliate of CAMBA, Inc. announced the closing of construction financing to the tune of $164 million for an affordable and supportive housing development in Bedford Park, The Bronx. Located at 261 East 202nd Street and 270 East 203rd Street, the two 11-story buildings will be known as CHV 202nd and 203rd Street, and offer 323 residential units and supportive services to the formerly homelessness and seniors. Aufgang Architects is designing the project.

270 E. 203rd Street, courtesy of Aufgang Architects

270 E. 203rd Street, courtesy of Aufgang Architects

There are 129 apartments for families earning between 30 and 80 percent of the Area Median Income and 194 units with supportive services allocated to seniors, veterans, individuals and families experiencing homelessness and living with mental illness. All residents will have access to on-site social services ranging from economic development services to education and youth development programming to nutrition services and independent living skills.

“We are proud to work with CAMBA Housing Ventures and HPD on a pair of buildings that will provide 323 new energy-efficient apartments in the Bronx,” said Homes and Community Renewal commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas. “Future residents will benefit from this transit-oriented development that is accessible to health care services and other amenities in the Bedford Park community.”

“We are extremely grateful to work with our funders, the City, the State, and an industrious development team that understands the urgency to bring more affordable housing to New York,” said Joanne M. Oplustil, president and CEO of CAMBA/CHV. “A place to call home is foundational to a healthy, productive life and this idea has been a core principle of CHV’s work since we started developing affordable housing in 2005. We are thrilled to bring our signature mix of high-quality, affordable homes and community social services to the Bronx with CHV 202nd and 203rd Street.”

Amenities at CHV 202nd and 203rd Street include a landscaped courtyard, 24/7 front desk security, a computer room, resident teaching kitchen, a shared laundry room and gym.

Both buildings will meet the standards of the ENERGY STAR Multifamily High-Rise Program and LEED Gold and will be equipped with energy efficient light fixtures and appliances.

Construction is expected to reach completion in early 2023.

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