Rendering Revealed for 2500 Barker Avenue in Allerton, The Bronx

Rendering of 2500 Barker Avenue - J Frankl AssociatesRendering of 2500 Barker Avenue - J Frankl Associates

A new rendering has been revealed for 2500 Barker Avenue, a seven-story mixed-use building under construction in the Allerton neighborhood of The Bronx. Designed by J Frankl Associates, the 74-foot-tall building will yield 48,452 square feet, with just under 36,000 square feet of residential area and about 12,500 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.

Specific details regarding building components are sparse. Permit applications with the Department of Buildings specify 53 rental units, but do not clarify the planed mix of apartment floor plans or if any of the residences will debut as affordable homes. Renderings appear to illustrate a ground-floor commercial component, most likely intended for retail use.

It is also unclear what type of construction materials were selected for the building’s facade. Renderings appear to depict a sandy-hued cementitious material, black metal cladding, a floor-to-ceiling punched window system above the ground floor, and dark metal framing. A setback below the top story appears to make way for a landscaped terrace.

The property will also include an enclosed parking garage for nine vehicles. No completion date has been announced.

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23 Comments on "Rendering Revealed for 2500 Barker Avenue in Allerton, The Bronx"

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  10. Nanette F. Drayton | January 13, 2021 at 11:18 am | Reply

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  11. Allerton? Since when is that a neighborhood? It’s an avenue. You mean Bronxdale? Williamsbridge? Go gentrify somewhere that you at least take the time to learn the names.

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