Housing Lottery Launches for 1533 East 19th Street in Midwood, Brooklyn

1533 East 19th Street. All photos courtesy of NYC Housing Connect1533 East 19th Street. All photos courtesy of NYC Housing Connect

The affordable housing lottery has launched for 1533 East 19th Street, an eight-story residential development in Midwood, Brooklyn. Designed by Shahriar Afshari, the 49,440-square-foot building will yield 56 units. Available on NYC Housing Connect are 17 units for residents at 130 percent of the area median income, ranging in eligible income from $73,920 to $159,640.

Residential amenities include a shared laundry room, security cameras, and a rooftop terrace. Units include dishwashers, air-conditioning, energy-efficient appliances, and either a patio or balcony.

Residences at 1533 East 19th Street

Residences at 1533 East 19th Street

Residences at 1533 East 19th Street

Residences at 1533 East 19th Street

At 130 percent of the AMI, there is one studio with a $2,156 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $73,920 to $118,300; 14 one-bedrooms with a $2,245 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $76,972 to $133,120; and two two-bedrooms with a $2,710 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $92,915 to $159,640.

Prospective renters must meet income and household size requirements to apply for these apartments. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online no later than March 11, 2021.

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34 Comments on "Housing Lottery Launches for 1533 East 19th Street in Midwood, Brooklyn"

  1. 17 off-street parking spaces, representing 30% of the units, also included in the project.

  2. Please let us know when you have affordable appartments.It is about time you level with peopl with regards to this scam you are running.Poor Black People who really need affordable housing will never get into one of these buildings. You know who you are catering to when you have these buildings.

  3. Myrielle Jean pierre | February 22, 2021 at 5:56 pm | Reply

    How is 2156 monthly rent is low income? Can someone explain that to me please.

  4. Godfrey Simmons | February 22, 2021 at 6:00 pm | Reply

    This apartment is fabulous could I get an application please

  5. Wilkens Lafortune | February 22, 2021 at 6:07 pm | Reply

    Please how can I get an application to apply in this building? Thanks for you collaboration

  6. Affordable? This is a joke. My salary is within this range and the rent for a studio is 50 of my salary after taxes. You people are ridiculous ?

  7. Gisselle Sookoo | February 22, 2021 at 6:37 pm | Reply

    Who are these people catering too. Affordable housing this is not.

  8. A need a application Luisortiz my nem.9173495195

  9. I need an application

  10. How can I participate in Lottery for apt please send me email regarding how I can participate in lottery

  11. wow, another one for people making more than the average is called affordable housing. Is that how the rich is getting richer in America?

  12. Miguelina paulino | February 22, 2021 at 9:26 pm | Reply

    Quiero aplicar

  13. Can I get a Studio Apartment Please I dont have Section 8 must help me with some kind of Program, I am Disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and gets $800.00 a month from SSI I never have problems paying my Rent I use a Walker to move Around Please help me
    Thank You
    Ana Reyes

    • Concerned citizen | February 23, 2021 at 1:52 am | Reply

      This is a joke. May you reap the hate you sow. You come into these communities trying to push out individuals who lived there for years. The very neighborhood you cursed as unredeemable. For everyone who thinks they are on top, remember there is someone greater than you. And they can be as cunning as you and will also squash you. That’s how this world works.

  14. My name is Bibi disabled with three children single mom i need more I for please

  15. How do you apply for apartment

  16. Yolanda Anderson | February 22, 2021 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    Yolanda anderson
    I one step from being homeless I live with my boyfriend and we keep arguing I work and take care of myself I don’t have no where else to go please help me

  17. How can I request for an application

  18. How do I get into the housing lottery

  19. Sad! These are not affordable why are they even put in lotteries

  20. Plz my living.condtions is horrible im also disabled and get ssi 800 a month. In a program that doesn’t really help me. Plz help.

  21. Affordable apts! This is a joke

  22. How can you call this affordable housing if the income is around 80 thousand dollars to qualify. This is a bulling for hard workers who can’t fit this income.

  23. The devil comes only to rob steal and destroy. Affordable housing my foot. The devil is a liar! (Seriously)

  24. How can I get and the lottery me and my mom

    • I hope that all those comments will go in the ears of the developers. You should be concerned that the majority of the people are not fooled by the affordable housing scam developers have came up with. It is just a joke, a cover up.
      This is East Flatbush the niche for affordable income which are $35,$40 000,$45 000 and 50,000. What studies have you done to decide that affordable income on East Flatbush starts at $75,000. That is not the income of people in East Flatbush.And you know it. Developers have continued teasing, taunting people with the affordable housing scam knowing that the income requirements is way out of the neighborhood reach; you continue pushing people out of their building and the neighborhood. Enough. You want to have only high level income people in your building that s fine, that’s your building
      But please stop the affordable housing. affor6 income, housing lottery scam

  25. I’m very interested in becoming a resident in your property. I am a health care worker interested in either a studio or one bedroom. I am currently living in an illegal basement . Needs to move on up but it’s so difficult to find something legal that I can afford.
    Thx you for your time.

  26. Well Well am hoping I could get a studio or a one bedroom please am working i could pay $900 so please give me a chance thanks

  27. Bloody hell! Those who set these “affordable” rents must be livelin in a parallel universe. You can find actual affordable apartments only in Manhattan because the community boards there are strong and demand that developers and the City play by the rules.


  29. George Alexander | February 23, 2021 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    Wtf is affordable about that..One has to be making over $120 per yer to afford any one of these units..And we already know very few black folks would ever see that application..Lottery my ass!

  30. Lmao this is no affordable housing. Joke joke joke

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