2551 Broadway Tops Out Above Manhattan’s Upper West Side

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

Construction has topped out on 2551-2555 Broadway, a 22-story residential project on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Designed by Stephen B. Jacobs Group and developed by Extell, the 276,578-square-foot structure will yield 130 units averaging 1,660 square feet apiece, as well as 9,080 square feet of commercial space. Leeding Builders Group, LLC is the general contractor and Paragon JV Prop. III, LLC is the owner of the property, which is located at the corner of Broadway and West 96th Street.

Photos show the rapid progress of the reinforced concrete superstructure since our last update in January, when construction was only a few floors above street level.

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

While no official rendering has been released that shows the entire edifice, the completed superstructure gives us a general idea of the massing. No façade work has commenced yet.

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

One of the more subtle aspects of 2551-2555 Broadway’s design is a cantilever on the southern elevation. This can be spotted from across Broadway, where steel columns and beams hold up the protruding levels.

2551 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

A conceptual depiction of the site can be seen below and gives an idea of the main façade elements. These include a light-colored brick or stone surface framing large industrial-style windows, and floor-to-ceiling glass on the ground-floor frontage. The view is looking west from Broadway.

A conceptual rendering of 2551-2555 Broadway.

2551-2555 Broadway will be finished in the fall of 2022, as noted on the construction board.

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11 Comments on "2551 Broadway Tops Out Above Manhattan’s Upper West Side"

  1. David : Sent From Heaven. | May 18, 2021 at 8:32 am | Reply

    You have to keep your distance from vehicles on the road, it is a very clean construction: Thanks to Michael Young.

  2. this building, as opposed to 2330 Broadway of yesterday, seems charmless in it’s massing, and, if the rendering offered is any indication of what is to come, makes no reference nor accommodation to this very busy corner, has scaleless treatment at the street level, and offers no character enhancing to the neighborhood. Extell looses on this one.

    and David, always keep your distance from vehicles on the road?!?!?!?!

  3. Nice blue sky.

  4. Is this across the street from The Columbia? Hopefully this building will have some retail or restaurants on the street level. Looks very plain.

  5. Obsolete before the first concrete was poured.
    In the wake of the pandemic how many luxury buyers will want a building without a garage?

  6. Um, why would typical luxury buyers want a garage, in Manhattan of all places? 75% of NY households don’t have vehicles. There are plenty of neighborhood garages. Also, what does the pandemic have to do with garages? Finally, who builds a permanent building for a temporary pandemic? It’s over.

    • There are far less parking places in the neighborhood than 5 years ago, and, there are a considerable amount of additional expensive apartments…..households that very likely have weekend houses, that need cars to access…..that’s why the garage makes sense, especially during the pandemic but not exclusively.

    • The question isn’t what percentage of Manhattan households don’t own car, the question is what percentage of rich Manhattanites don’t own cars? Especially the ones with families (hint, at an average of nearly 1,700 sq ft/apartment, this building is for families).

  7. I guess it’ll be a big suprise as to how it’ll look like! But, so far, I quite like it. The best part is the cantilever.

    • Thomas. The building is a graceless hulk on the corner…my office is a block away so I experience it constantly during the day. The bulk is relentless, the cantilever is ridiculous as is the one a few blocks to the south…..look at the rendering: the faceless commercial spaces don’t have scale to the fenestration, don’t even have doors to access…(it’s a rendering, I get it….but that’s how much Extell cares about the corner).

  8. When will there be new developments on Broadway in the 100’s?

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