Skyline Tower Completes Construction in Long Island City, Queens

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Construction is now fully complete on Skyline Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Long Island City and all of Queens. Addressed as 23-15 44th Drive, the 68-story, 778-foot-tall edifice is designed by Hill West Architects and developed by United Construction & Development Group, FSA Capital, and Risland US Holdings LLC. Yielding 802 residences designed by Whitehall Interiors and marketed by Modern Spaces, residences range in price from $500,000 to $4 million. The site is located at the corner of 23rd Street to the west and 44th Drive to the south.

Since our last update in December 2020, the remainder of the glass curtain wall has been installed, most prominently enclosing the gap left from the removal of the exterior hoist.

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

The envelope’s color appears to change throughout the day and in varying weather and lighting conditions. The skyscraper is topped with a sloped crown composed of a tight network of thin, vertically oriented louvers that enclose the mechanical equipment above the roof parapet. From the East River, Skyline Tower stands prominently over the rest of the structures in Long Island City, and could hold its title as the tallest tower in Queens for the foreseeable future. Our article from October 2019 showcases the panoramic views of the city from the skyscraper.

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

Skyline Tower. Photo by Michael Young

A new ground-floor subway entrance opened back in the beginning of March, providing access to the Court Square-23rd Street station that services the E and M trains that run into Manhattan. Station improvements provided by the project include a wide staircase, a new elevator, a ramp, ADA-accessible gates, and turnstiles at a cost of around $16 million. There will also be an additional elevator built in the near future that will connect the Manhattan-bound platform to the rest of the Court Square station servicing the nearby 7 and G trains.

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13 Comments on "Skyline Tower Completes Construction in Long Island City, Queens"

  1. David in Bushwick | July 26, 2021 at 8:05 am | Reply

    A big boring disappointment…

  2. The real question I have about Long island city is with all these huge new buildings has a new hospital or a new public school been built. Density of population will put a huge demand on public services. In NYC if you go to an emergency room be prepared to wait 16 hours. Now there is added density due to an increase in mass with same volume. Long Island City needs to wait on building anymore before public services are increased.

    • These buildings were all built in anticipation of Amazon coming and thousands of jobs and new growth. Since this has been cancelled many of these buildings will never fill now.

      • Amazon did not promise new jobs for locals – they “anticipated” hiring 25k over five years. But this was not a guarantee, nor were they promising to hire locally. The narrative that companies will support local housing and services is false, nor should we rely on private sector to provide them.

        • If we don’t have a private sector providing jobs, who will? Don’t tell me you think tax dollars grow on trees with which to create needless jobs.

      • Cheesemaster200 | July 26, 2021 at 1:37 pm | Reply

        This is a condo building that filed its permits before the whole HQ2 circus even kicked off.

      • It’s amazing how many people will just make up anything to post on this site.

  3. Well, it certainly isn’t a “wow.” I will say, the angles that offer the facade with the nice angled crown and the small setback on the corner are really good. Sadly, all of the other angles of Skyline Tower are very boring and lackluster. The overall glass isn’t very high quality either. For a building with the name “Skyline Tower,” it really doesn’t impress, and it’s more or less a “Skyline-Filler.” It’s very disappointing, since I had very high hopes for this building, considering its significance for Long Island City. But in the end, Skyline Tower really didn’t live up to its accomplishments.

    • Very mediocre in all senses. It looks like the accountants took over on this one and deleted anything of architectural value (assuming there ever WAS any). A shame as it is so prominent in the – ahem – skyline.

  4. Plans for these buildings were 10 to 12 years in the making. They already bought the land years ago. This had nothing to do with Amazon. Companies think years in advance for generations.

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