Hyatt Place Hotel Completes Construction at 140 West 24th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan

140 West 24th Street. Designed by Gene Kaufman

Omnibuild has completed construction on The Hyatt Place Hotel, a 45-story tower at 140 West 24th Street in Chelsea. Designed by Gene Kaufman Architects and developed by Sam Chang, the 416-foot-tall structure will yield 510 guest rooms spread over 173,000 square feet, making it one of the largest hotels to open in 2021. The reinforced concrete superstructure rises between Sixth and Seventh Avenues and features a lightweight limestone rainscreen façade. Work broke ground in January 2019 and was developed in partnership with Magna Hospitality Group.

Since our last update in February, the remaining paneling has been installed and work has concluded on the ground floor, where Hyatt signage now adorns the entrance.

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The limestone looks just as bright in the shadow as it does in the sunlight. At the top of the edifice are two wooden water towers and a slightly extended mechanical floor.

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

“The stone façade panel system was a global effort,” said John Mingione, principal and COO of Omnibuild. “It was quarried and cut in Portugal and then trucked to Rome mid-pandemic to be sawed down and bonded before being shipped out of Genoa, Italy to New York. Few details were missed with this project. It’s an exciting time to be able to complete the building and see it open as the city continues on its upward trajectory.”

The below photo from One World Trade Center shows how the limestone envelope makes a clear presence among the surrounding darker brick, stone, metal, and glass curtain wall materials.

140 West 24th Street (center left). Photo by Michael Young

Some finishing touches are still ongoing, including sidewalk work outside the main lobby.

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Hyatt Place Hotel will feature a glass staircase that leads guests up to the mezzanine space and a second-floor outdoor terrace bar built with a retractable wall-opening glass hanger door system that ensures year-round use. Future guests looking south will have unobstructed views of the Lower Manhattan skyline, while the opposite northern-facing windows will provide vistas of Midtown. The closest subways are the F, M, and PATH trains at the 23rd Street station on Sixth Avenue and the 1 train at the 23rd Street station on Seventh Avenue.

YIMBY was told that the Hyatt Place Hotel will open in mid-October.

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22 Comments on "Hyatt Place Hotel Completes Construction at 140 West 24th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan"

  1. David : Sent From Heaven. | October 16, 2021 at 8:50 am | Reply

    Hyatt signage now adorns the entrance, so proud of its to show. Prominent structure standing tall, but signage is the most: Thanks to Michael Young.

  2. The fact that the rendering leaves out the rest of the city says everything about how GK views his projects: the fact that there was a global effort to clad this building when it might have well been cheap locally produced metal panels on the outside as the stone is rendered like a sheetrock. There really is nothing about this building from the base to the setback to the shaft to the cladding to the top that adds to the visual interest of the city.

    • Kaufman is a scourge. Not much more one can say at this point. Shame on him and shame on the developer.

      • A beautiful House of Detention for those who can’t afford bail and are awaiting trial. Maybe the State of New York should consider building a new Criminal Courts Building nearby as a relief set of courtrooms for the Criminal Courts Bldg (“The Tombs”) on Centre St.

  3. Yet again one wonders why offshore sourcing was needed for a US project – stone cladding shipped all the way from Portugal via Rome?
    Those water storage tanks seemingly so beloved by New Yorkers. They look as though they rightly belong in the world of Bilbo Baggins. It’s fortunate they can’t be seen from ground level.

  4. This building just looms over the neighborhood. The light color makes it stand out for sure but in 10 years it will not be one color as those in NYC well know.

  5. David in Bushwick | October 16, 2021 at 10:30 am | Reply

    Even more stunning than the rendering. And then there’s the back side!

  6. a big square box nothing about the building

  7. From the outrageous mid-block height to the setback that ruins the street’s building wall line, this building is an insult to the neighborhood.

  8. This building is an actual disgrace to Chelsea. It has no character. It’s a huge, ugly eyesore. Sad.

  9. It’s the most depressing and unoriginal a filler could be. So sad. 🙁

  10. The comments are as predictable as the architecture 🙂

  11. how did this get approved? ugly and wrong for the setting!

  12. It’s not good, but it’s better than the rendering. The terrace bar on top will make the 1-story section better than others of its kind.

  13. Death Incarnate. Eyesores like this are cheap drugs for developers/local govt who may benefit in the short term, but the people of this neighborhood now must live with this monstrosity and its (likely!) quick deterioration.. for many years to come;was it worth it?? My eyes already say no.

  14. Gene has outdone himself. Really really awful.

    Make Kaufman illegal. Now.

  15. It’s truly pathetic that
    Mr. Kaufman considers himself an architect, in the same profession as Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M.Pei, or even Robert A. Stern?

    No, he’s more of an “ARKEYTECT”! 🤣

    I’m guessing all his “models” must be built with LEGOS for “inspiration”?

    If I were Hyatt, I’d sue for
    “abuse” of a company logo!! 🤣


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