Construction Crane Assembled for 262 Fifth Avenue Supertall in NoMad, Manhattan

262 Fifth Avenue262 Fifth Avenue with its previous height of 1,054 feet tall. Image by Meganom

Construction is ramping up on 262 Fifth Avenue, a 1,000-foot residential supertall in NoMad, where the tower crane has just completed assembly. Designed by Meganom with SLCE Architects as the executive architect and developed by Boris Kuzinez of Five Points Development under the Five Points 262 Project LLC, the 54-story skyscraper will yield 41 condominium units. WSP is the structural and M.E.P. engineer and CM & Associates Construction Management is the general contractor for the property, which is located at the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and West 29th Street.

Additional concrete has been poured for the tower’s core since our last update in late December, and our recent visit captured the assembly of the yellow tower crane on the corner plot. Work should begin to speed up now that construction has passed the thick concrete base, and the first habitable levels should soon begin formation.

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

Workers temporarily blocked off vehicular and pedestrian traffic by the corner of Fifth Avenue and West 29th Street as a team of telescopic cranes helped to assemble the sections of the jib. The tower and cab were already assembled.

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

We could expect to see the first residential levels appear once 262 Fifth Avenue surpasses its adjacent neighbors sometime this spring. 262 Fifth Avenue should begin to make a significant impact on the skyline in the second half of 2023, and topping out could occur sometime next winter.

262 Fifth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

A list of residential amenities has not been disclosed, though the renderings depict a pair of outdoor terraces. One is positioned nearly two thirds of the way up, with a second at the top of the supertall partially enclosed on the eastern and western sides by a tall rectangular outline.

YIMBY expects 262 Fifth Avenue to be completed in the latter half of 2024.

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17 Comments on "Construction Crane Assembled for 262 Fifth Avenue Supertall in NoMad, Manhattan"

  1. I expect this building to be one of the most hated once it is finished. I favor new construction, and a view is not guaranteed for anyone in New York. Still, I blame the developers and architects for their poor taste in building this behemoth right in front of the Empire State building when looking from Madison Square. An unremarkable residential tower will forever block an iconic view of the grand dame of the city

    • Agree 100% worst building ever, and unfortunately supertall toothpick from Moscow architect, from Russia, with hate…
      Built at time of brutal Russian aggression to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦…

  2. I hate to do political comment, but Meganom is based in Moscow, Russia, means “from Russia with love” or “with hate”!???
    I think both, to destroy such historical part of neighborhood in immediate vicinity of both Empire State Building and Madison Squarе, is a shame for NYC, shameful peak on NYC Midtown skyline, worst ever supertall building in Western Hemisphere ever built, and yellow colored super high rise crane is like to point where this shame “from Russia” with hate going to be ride in our beautiful in Greatest in the World Skyline!!!
    Should be postmarked built at time of brutal Russian aggression to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦, from Russia, With Hate!!! Get a FOH…

  3. Can only imagine how much it’s going to “bend and sway” during strong winds when it sticks out like a “middle finger”?! 🤔🤣😂

  4. David in Bushwick | January 11, 2023 at 10:13 am | Reply

    It’s a shame it isn’t twice as tall.

    • This simple worst of worst ever built in Western Hemisphere, nasty tasteless, windowless base, who get this sh.t approved, at “right time”, in few steps of Iconic Empire State Building, right to next door of historical Fifth Avenue Church, in most historical neighborhood…I am really shame for being live in NY for 30+ active years to see such destruction to my city, from sunny and warm Orlando…

  5. This must be in boycott by Ukrainian American of NYC, why this worst behemoth will ever get green light to construct, why it’s get yellow colored tower crane, to point everyone where this POS going to rise…
    Destruction permanent for majestic views to iconic Empire State Building, this crap designed by Moscow KGB architecture… let’s built this crap there not in American soil, in heart of Midtown!!! Disgusting, worst building by any angle of it’s design built for 41 condominium for megarich folks at time of Worst Housing crisis in NYC…with taste of Russian fascism!!!

  6. The source must be addressed by stopping this project now. The city must enact laws regarding this mistake. (previous comment was deleted by YIMBY)

  7. First this crap originated on drawing board in 2017, and site was cleared, just next door from Church where ribbons of failed victims of 9/11 tragedy were still flows… in 2017, at least at that time Russian didn’t yet bombed out Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦, but now??? Why this gets approved??? Why it’s not get downsized??? What’s about to built just 10-12 story modern apartment building for 41 resident units, instead of multilevel billion dollars condos for international mafia members in this “building” who is real intruder for Our New York, Our Historical Land, Our Country, Our United States Of America!!!
    Why MoMa skyscraper gets it’s height cut for 200′??? While this building will gets ride to 1000′??? King of Ugliest towers in the Western Hemisphere, to be sure!!!

  8. Well, there’s nothing stopping this tower anymore.

  9. 54 stores is not a super tall…..

    • Supertall status is generally determined by the height of the building, not by the number of floors. In this case it’s anything 984 feet tall or higher

    • “Stories” is not a unit of measurement. “Supertall” is a term used globally for a structure over 300 meters, or 984′.

  10. Boo. Lock boxes for oligarchs.

  11. Honestly….. I think Russia is currently doing a disgusting thing.. I’m pretty sure, the rules, are the rules, tho? Regardless of the country, that the designer’s/architects come from. The difference in the USA between the Rich + Poor, is extreme..

  12. *it’s 860ft now. thank god.

  13. From Mr Putin’s Russia with love hate…
    They maybe built secrets, so to spy for anyone passing this landmark of fools…
    Who allowed this crap ever to be building at Iconic Empire States Building neighbourhood!!!
    Shame for them forever!!!
    Belong to Eritrea, not to NYC!!!

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