Willets Point Development Enters Next Phase with Emphasis on Affordable Housing

Render of Willets Point site layout, via willetspointqueens.comRender of Willets Point site layout, via willetspointqueens.com

New York City Economic Development Corporation has begun the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure for Phase 2 of the Willets Point development in Queens, a key project initiated by Mayor Eric Adams. This phase includes plans for 1,400 units of affordable housing, a new public school, 40,000 square feet of public open space, a privately financed soccer stadium, and a hotel.

The project’s first phase, which will create 1,100 new housing units, is set to begin construction in late 2023. Overall, the Willets Point transformation aims to generate an estimated $6.1 billion in economic impact over 30 years and create over 16,000 jobs.

Render of Willets Point, via nyc.gov

Render of Willets Point, via nyc.gov

Key stakeholders, including Councilmember Francisco Moya, Community Board 7 vice chairman Chuck Apelian, and Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr., have expressed support for the project’s comprehensive approach to urban development. Representatives from Related Companies and Sterling Equities, along with NYCFC vice chairman Marty Edelman, underscored the project’s focus on affordable housing and community-oriented facilities.

“The revitalization of Willets Point represents an incredible opportunity for Queens and our entire city,” said Tom Grech, president and CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. “This project will bring much-needed affordable housing, retail space, park space, a state-of-the-art soccer stadium, along with a school and a hotel. We applaud Mayor Adams and everyone at NYCEDC for their commitment to this important project that will create jobs and catalyze economic activity that supports local businesses.”

The Uniform Land Use Review Procedure process involves thorough review and input from various city stakeholders, ensuring a balanced and transparent approach to significant urban development projects.

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14 Comments on "Willets Point Development Enters Next Phase with Emphasis on Affordable Housing"

  1. David of Flushing | November 13, 2023 at 7:43 am | Reply

    I would question the wisdom of building housing in an area that is rated as having the highest flood risk. Fortunately, this has not happened in my half-century of living in Flushing, but things seem to be changing. Even without this concern, Flushing Creek would require some work to remediate offensive odors that arise at low tide, especially in summer. The large underground holding tank that was built years ago to retain sewage during high rainfall has not improved what previously entered the creek. A good dredging is needed even without any construction.

    Most locals are glad to see the old chop shops go which were widely suspected of having contributed to the car theft rates—the highest in the city back in the 1980s. Auto fluids were dumped on the ground and produced soil contamination. Planes taking off from LGA fly over this location at low altitudes due to proximity to the runway.

    The soccer stadium currently under ground preparation is a better type of use rather than housing.

  2. Make that stadium hold like 65/75K. Throw a retractable roof over it, and let’s host some superbowls, Final Fours, & wrestlemanias! And a whole host of other stuff! Come on Uncle Stevie! You can do it!

    • Yeah that’s not happening. Building an NFL sized stadium would wipe out most of, if not all, the area being allotted for affordable housing. That’s a big part of this project. Also, there would also be no NFL team as an anchor tenant since the Jets and Giants are both financially tied to MetLife Stadium. Steve Cohen will just have to be glad that Man City and the Steinbrenners are bringing a team that has recently won a championship to Queens. Something the Mets can’t seem to manage.

  3. Add a casino and more affordable housing next door and I think you’ve got something!

  4. I’m a 75 y/o retired NY trial lawyer now living out West. I grew up in Flushing/Fresh Meadows. I remember well the IRT cars with the soft red seats. I’d get up on my knees and look out when the subway went “upstairs.” There was nothing to see until 111 St, other than a strange big station at Willets Point (the reason for which I didn’t understand) and the “chop shop” area (which I didn’t understand either). No Van Wyck extension, widened Grand Central, or other structures that were built and have come down; e.g, I was 16 y/o when Shea opened in ’64. To me, just about anything that has or will be built can be considered an improvement.

  5. The waterfront could also use a facelift. Maybe a pier, some bars and restaurants and maybe a ferry stop. Hopefully flushing meadows park could also get some investment.

  6. David of Flushing | November 13, 2023 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    There are piers at the World’s Fair Marina, which is technically in the park. People go crabbing there despite warning signs of the dangers of eating these. They do look just like the blue crabs in the market that are hopefully from more salubrious waters.

    As is well-known, Flushing Meadows was the inspiration for the Valley of Ashes in the Great Gadsby. However, Fitzgerald tinkered with the geography as Northern Blvd. was the only crossing in the area in his time.

  7. Hittrenna Thompson | November 13, 2023 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    No one cares but big business $$$…this is done deal.

  8. It would be nice to see a NYC Ferry stop out there- especially for Met and NYCFC games.

  9. Best YIMBY comment thread ever—thanks to everyone! Special shout-out to _David of Flushing_ for working “salubrious” into the conversation!

  10. The boiler plate press release is all aspirational.
    “AIMS to generate an estimated $6.1 billion in economic impact over 30 years and create over 16,000 jobs”
    The key words being “AIMS to generate”
    the devil is in the details. Lets see what the ‘AFFORDABLE RENTS are.
    As we all know affordable housing built at 130% AMI is nothing but fixed income housing for upper income people

  11. David of Flushing | November 14, 2023 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    The area is currently uninhabited so the median income is $0.

  12. God bless America and God bless New York City 🙏🙏🙏…

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