Construction Update: International Gem Tower

Extell’s International Gem Tower has been topped-out for quite some time, but the building’s height isn’t what makes it remarkable–it’s the glass. The Gem Tower’s cladding looks phenomenal from street level, and the building was clearly named the Gem Tower for a reason, as it literally looks like it has been bedazzled (and not in a cheap way, either). The Gem Tower doesn’t look quite as amazing from the Top of the Rock, but that doesn’t change the fact that it makes an excellent addition to 46th Street.

International Gem Tower

International Gem Tower

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1 Comment on "Construction Update: International Gem Tower"

  1. I’m on the 40th Floor of 1271 6th, across the street from the Rock.

    It looks cool from here too, the bevels reflect differently at different times of the day.

    I guess from above, they just reflect other buildings instead of the sky and light. Shrug.

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