Six-Story, 11-Unit Residential Building To Replace Townhouse At 231 East 123rd Street, East Harlem

231 East 123rd StreetPre-demolition 231 East 123rd Street, photo via Blocksy

Big Brooklyn Rehab Inc. has filed applications for a six-story, 11-unit residential building at 231 East 123rd Street, in East Harlem, four blocks from the 125th Street stop on the 4, 5 and 6 trains. The building will measure 8,670 square feet, which means units will average 790 square feet — probably rentals. Woody Chen’s Infocus Design & Planning is the applicant of record, and the existing three-story, three-family townhouse must first be demolished.

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9 Comments on "Six-Story, 11-Unit Residential Building To Replace Townhouse At 231 East 123rd Street, East Harlem"

  1. so sad / it makes me mad…

  2. An AFRICAN American elderly woman property has been stolen. The sisters, Irene, Vera, and Martha work all their lives for their home in Harlem at 231 East 123rd street.Now through the hands of lawyers their 3 family home is going to be demolished, money and greed speaks. A legal investigation should occur to find out the hidden legal and accurate facts.

  3. Big Brooklyn Rehab Inc(Daniel Melamed) is currently on trial right now.Those involved should of gone to the District Attorney’s office.They are a criminal organization.The building that is to be erected is illegal.Big Brooklyn Rehab Inc business practice are illegal.

  4. what can I do,? I want to go to the Daily News, because the Daily News exposed an attorney who was involved and he is disbarred as of November 17,2016. The main attorney P.M. is using court corruption and stealing and the justice system view this as acceptable


  6. paul mederos is supposed to be the guardian, Martha bowers was thrown into a nursing home against her will. Lakitia hall wright esq. from Alabama, Paul Mederos client. authorized ms. bowers property thrown in the garbage by 1-800 got junk from, 231 east 123rd street 3 family home was put on the market for 899.000 by Core in 2012 of March. in the records 1.5million but on acris 1.4 million sold cash what happened to 100,000,000 where is the justice.

  7. 1.4 million dollars or 1.5 million, she did not want her home to be sold. the owner is a 91 year old elderly woman. A crime has been committed and everyone in authority has closed their eyes. SO SO SAD

  8. did you know the original owner only received approx. 37,000.00 out of 1.4 million

  9. Can you steal from an elderly human being in New York City? It has HAPPENED. Does anyone cares?

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