Gravesend Mall Plans an Expansion at 1684 Shore Parkway

Ceasar's Bay Shopping Center, image via Bing MapsCeasar's Bay Shopping Center, image via Bing Maps

Anyone looking for a suburban-style mall has to travel to the outer edges of New York City, but there are a few sprawling commercial centers for New Yorkers who can drive to the southern reaches of Brooklyn. One of those malls is Ceasar’s Bay Shopping Center, a couple of acres of chain stores and parking lots on the shore of Gravesend Bay.

Real estate investment company Surrey Equities has filed plans for a new building at the complex, which sits on the border between Gravesend and Bath Beach. The commercial structure at 1684 Shore Parkway would be a single-story, 11,500-square-foot building. It would boost the mall’s size to a whopping 312,366 square feet of commercial space.

Leon Silvera, the co-founder of Surrey, told YIMBY that the new addition would have a mix of “food and service-oriented tenants.” The building hasn’t been leased up yet, but Ripco Realty is handling the marketing and leasing.

Plans for new building at Ceasar's Bay, image via Surrey Equities

Plans for new building at Ceasar’s Bay, image via Surrey Equities

Current tenants at Ceasar’s Bay include Kohl’s, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Five Guys, Modell’s, and Starbucks. The parking lot has 1,200 spaces. The properties next door are home to a BJ’s, New York Sports Club, a small amusement park, Bayside Fuel Oil, the Department of Sanitation, and a large marina.

The mall and its big parking lot are bounded by the bay; the Belt, Shore, and Bay Parkways; and a large waterfront public park. The area is technically zoned for heavy manufacturing, but all kinds of retail development are allowed.

Flatiron-based Scott Henson Architect applied for the permits.

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4 Comments on "Gravesend Mall Plans an Expansion at 1684 Shore Parkway"

  1. Richard Grayson | January 20, 2016 at 9:34 am |

    I remember the old E.J. Korvette department store here. Then I think there was a KMart. I always wondered why they allowed the misspelling “Ceasar” to stand; some of us in the neighborhood thought it made us look ignorant.

  2. Michael Sheehy | January 20, 2016 at 1:03 pm |

    Sing along, you know the words “What’s the big deal, the big deal?”

    “Come by car, bus or subway, but come to Ceasar’s Bay Bazaar!”

    After you shop, you can go to Beefsteak Charlie’s for dinner, and stay at the LullaBUY of Broadway, the Milford Plaza Hotel.

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