Landmarks Approves New Apartment Building At 906 Prospect Place, Crown Heights

Rendering of 906 Prospect Place, approved design.Rendering of 906 Prospect Place, approved design.

It was back in October of 2014 that YIMBY reported on developer Jeffrey Gershon acquiring the property at 906 Prospect Place in Brooklyn. It was in late November of 2015 that his design team went before the Landmarks Preservation Commission with their proposal for a new apartment building on the site. On Tuesday of this week, the team went back before the LPC and got approval for their revised design.

Current occupant of 906 Prospect Place.

Current occupant of 906 Prospect Place.

The site sits between New York Avenue and Brooklyn Avenue in the Crown Heights North Historic District II. It’s currently home to a two-story garage building dating back to 1897, one that has been dramatically altered since then, including the lopping off of a third and fourth floor. It is really nothing to look at, and wasn’t even deemed to have an architectural style when the district was designated. The official term is “no-style.”

So, the concept presented by architect Chris Carrano of Manhattan-based ADG Architecture & Design and preservation consultant Mary Dierickx back in November was welcomed by the commission – that being the demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new apartment building, to house 20 units. The plan called for a four-story building with a setback fifth story penthouse and parking for 10 cars on the first floor.

Rendering of 906 Prospect Place, November 2015 proposal.

Rendering of 906 Prospect Place, November 2015 proposal.

However, the design presented didn’t quite meet with the commissioner’s approval. The design team took some time and made some changes that won over the commissioners. The penthouse has been setback even more, and is now all glass. Additionally, the rooftop mechanical elements have been shrunk and the stair bulkheads sloped to reduce visibility.

906 Prospect Place, rejected and approved designs.

906 Prospect Place, rejected and approved designs.

On the main façade, a projecting section in the center now extends all the way down to the ground, instead of terminating at the bottom of the second floor. As for the materials of that façade, it will now feature brick and cast stone instead of brick and a mixture of cast stone and limestone. The brick will also be darker, to provide a better contrast with the stone. Finally, the windows at the base have been moved up and keystones have been added to them.

There was almost no comment from the commissioners. LPC Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan did say that setting the penthouse back even more was a “really good move,” as she found the original proposal to be “distracting.”

View the full presentation slides below:

906ProspectPlace_20160112_01 906ProspectPlace_20160112_02 906ProspectPlace_20160112_03 906ProspectPlace_20160112_04 906ProspectPlace_20160112_05 906ProspectPlace_20160112_06 906ProspectPlace_20160112_07 906ProspectPlace_20160112_08 906ProspectPlace_20160112_09 906ProspectPlace_20160112_10 906ProspectPlace_20160112_11 906ProspectPlace_20160112_12 906ProspectPlace_20160112_13 906ProspectPlace_20160112_14 906ProspectPlace_20160112_15 906ProspectPlace_20160112_16 906ProspectPlace_20160112_17 906ProspectPlace_20160112_18 906ProspectPlace_20160112_19 906ProspectPlace_20160112_20 906ProspectPlace_20160112_21 906ProspectPlace_20160112_22 906ProspectPlace_20160112_23 906ProspectPlace_20160112_24 906ProspectPlace_20160112_25 906ProspectPlace_20160112_26 906ProspectPlace_20160112_27 906ProspectPlace_20160112_28 906ProspectPlace_20160112_29 906ProspectPlace_20160112_30 906ProspectPlace_20160112_31 906ProspectPlace_20160112_32 906ProspectPlace_20160112_33 906ProspectPlace_20160112_34 906ProspectPlace_20160112_35 906ProspectPlace_20160112_36 906ProspectPlace_20160112_37 906ProspectPlace_20160112_38 906ProspectPlace_20160112_39 906ProspectPlace_20160112_40 906ProspectPlace_20160112_41 906ProspectPlace_20160112_42 906ProspectPlace_20160112_43 906ProspectPlace_20160112_44 906ProspectPlace_20160112_45 906ProspectPlace_20160112_46 906ProspectPlace_20160112_47 906ProspectPlace_20160112_48 906ProspectPlace_20160112_49 906ProspectPlace_20160112_50 906ProspectPlace_20160112_51 906ProspectPlace_20160112_52 906ProspectPlace_20160112_53 906ProspectPlace_20160112_54 906ProspectPlace_20160112_55 906ProspectPlace_20160112_56 906ProspectPlace_20160112_57 906ProspectPlace_20160112_58 906ProspectPlace_20160112_59 906ProspectPlace_20160112_60 906ProspectPlace_20160112_61 906ProspectPlace_20160112_62 906ProspectPlace_20160112_63 906ProspectPlace_20160112_64

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  1. This is proof that landmarking doesn’t preclude new development. While there was some delay at the LPC, the proposed building is far more attractive than most new construction

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