Development Team Acquires 11-Story Watchtower Complex at 25-30 Columbia in Brooklyn Heights, Plans Creative Office Conversion

25-30 Columbia Heights25-30 Columbia Heights, photo by Edward Caruso for the New York Times

Over the spring, a team of developers entered into contract to acquire, from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the 11-story, 739,000-square-foot commercial complex known as the Watchtower, at 25-30 Columbia Heights, in Brooklyn Heights. The team – now a joint venture between the Kushner Companies, CIM Group, and LIVWRK – have closed on the purchase for roughly $340 million, Commercial Observer reported. The new owners plan to convert the complex into creative office space, likely similar to how some of the same developers transformed the five-building complex now dubbed DUMBO Heights. The redevelopment is expected to begin within a year. In addition to the acquisition of 25-30 Columbia Heights, the same partnership is remains in contract to buy the vacant, block-encompassing development site at 85 Jay Street, in DUMBO.

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4 Comments on "Development Team Acquires 11-Story Watchtower Complex at 25-30 Columbia in Brooklyn Heights, Plans Creative Office Conversion"

  1. Rounding a view to Big Apple, in the air of many famous skyscrapers and the Watchtower powering into new an office.

  2. Andrew Porter | August 5, 2016 at 9:59 am |

    It’s NOT known as the Watchtower. That’s a sign for the owners, also known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve never heard of this complex being called “the Watchtower,” but then, I’ve only lived a few blocks away for 47 years…

    Actually, it’s more often called the Squibb Buildings, for the former owners, the E.W. Squibb Pharmaceutical Company.

    • The word Watchtower is a biblical term “emblamatic of one of the roles the corportion assumed where they were to warn corportae religion of Gods impending day of judgement thus…,” Although they turned it into a business interest where its part of the legally registered business name and heading of the magazine. Think about it they turned what is holy in to a business interest.

      Since the begining of the corportaion(s) it has had nurmerous failed prophecys where their warning of armageddon never happened. Think about how much donation and assets they got out of those under their influence. The last one was in 2015.

      Anyway, their is life outside of these city blocks

      If you people want to do any good promote the Watchtower business interest dosen’t need the $20. donation from their menial labor class of peoples.

  3. Look forward to seeing that stupid ‘Watchtower’ sign removed! Nothing but a corporate religious cult that is guilty of thousands of cases of pedophilia around the globe and known for destroying families.

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