Eight Stories of Light Industrial Space and Retail Planned for 497 Carroll Street, Gowanus

The Textile Arts Center at 505 Carroll Street. photo by Christopher Bride for PropertySharkThe Textile Arts Center at 505 Carroll Street. photo by Christopher Bride for PropertyShark

The owners of Textile Arts Center in Gowanus are building more light industrial space next door at 497 Carroll Street, between Third and Fourth avenues.

The eight-story commercial development would rise 108 feet from what is today a parking lot next to the Textile Arts buildings, a pair of two- and three-story loft buildings with a sizable footprint that run through the block between Carroll and President streets. The Brooklyn Zen Center also offers meditation classes in a space on the second floor.

At 497 Carroll Street, the ground floor would have 1,800 square feet of retail. The remaining seven stories would be devoted to 96,572 square feet of light industrial space.

The complex would span 98,358 square feet and include 38 parking spaces—a 19-car, subterranean garage and 19 above-ground spots.

J. David Sweeny, who heads an LLC based in the TAC building next door, is listed as the developer. He was the former executive director of a troubled charity called Healing Arts. Now he is the Assistant Vice President for Real Estate at the Children’s Aid Society, according to his LinkedIn page.

Peter Sweeny of PSA Architecture applied for the permits.

The property sits in the middle of Gowanus’ large industrial area, where zoning limits new construction to low density manufacturing and commercial uses. However, the city might rezone the low-slung blocks near the Gowanus Canal to allow a mix of residential, commercial and industrial development. The Department of City Planning is preparing a study of the neighborhood, after Council Member Brad Lander held public meetings over the course of two years to create a local planning framework called Bridging Gowanus.

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4 Comments on "Eight Stories of Light Industrial Space and Retail Planned for 497 Carroll Street, Gowanus"

  1. Work publicly what they think about, eight-story doesn’t abandon people without space to use.

  2. Brad Lander held public meetings over two years to discuss the ramifications of the Gowanus. However, Lander never held various public meetings to ask how the people of New York felt about paying the soon to fee of five cents on each of our shopping bags. New Yorkers are already stressed out about how we are going to pay our rent, for our food and clothing and with Lander’s progressive friends messing up our health insurance plans (remember, Obama’s lie “if you like your doctor, you can keep him…”, except he no longer takes your insurance) with Obamacare, the last thing we need is to get charged a nickel for each shopping bag. Rightfully, this fee should be named appropriately “Brad Lander’s Nickel Bag Fee.” Lander’s bag tax does nothing for the public as 99.99% of all shopping bags are re-used in some way and all it does is to suck out about $250 – $300 of disposable income from each of us. Its because of politicians like Lander, I’m voting for Trump next month.

  3. Sally from Park Slope | October 5, 2016 at 3:07 pm |

    I too will like to see Lander’s bag tax be repealed before we consumers have to fork over a nickel per bag. Perhaps Lander can afford to pay a nickel for each bag, but most of us are just struggling to get by and the last thing we needed tacked onto our food bill are nickels and nickels for each bag. By the way, I am paying over $400 per month for an Obamacare plan which came with a hidden $8,000 deductible and co-payment. Interesting, I never heard Lander speak about how Obamacare has more losers than winners. This would be the decent thing for Lander to – and while he is at it, can Lander explain why Obamacare plans are going to have fewer and fewer providers next year? Instead, Lander feels it is more important that he disgraces the respect of the United States of America by joining Juuame Williams in a sit-down protest when the National Anthem is being sung.

  4. 38 parking spots on-site. I love it! Of course this a biz-only enterprise. All these spots are for staff and customers, not residents. Even with the R train stop around the corner at Union St & 4th Ave and the B37 at 3rd Ave, they anticipate their clientele must drive-in. Public transit, Uber, bike and walk–not enough. Are you city planners paying attention.

    Maybe they will make spots available overnite to residents or for local amenities. Better check the water-table level before you store anything underground–even bikes.

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