217 West 57th Street, aka Central Park Tower, Gets Its First Glass

Central Park TowerNordstrom Tower/217 West 57th Street, image from Extell

The development boom that began to envelope the 57th Street corridor with One57’s rise is finally at peak frenzy. 220 Central Park South is nearing completion, 111 West 57th Street is being clad in its terra cotta and bronze facade, and the future 1,550-foot-tall 217 West 57th Street, aka Central Park Tower, is also seeing its exterior falling into place.

217 West 57th Street

217 West 57th Street, photo by 5B Films

The supertall, being developed by Extell, will eventually reach 1,550 feet to its parapet. The tower is currently at about the 500-foot mark, making it less than a third of the way to its final height, but progress has been relatively swift since the superstructure climbed past the cantilever, which marks the transition to residential space.

Besides the building’s rapid rise, facade installation has also begun, and an entire floor has now been covered. The actual glass remains wrapped in protective plastic, giving it an off-blue appearance, but once complete, it will appear substantially more muted than Extell’s original 57th Street supertall, one block to the east.

217 West 57th Street will have a marketing floor count totaling 135, and has come a long way in the past year. As of May 2016, work was still ongoing on the lowest levels of the project, which will house Nordstrom’s 363,000 square-foot and eight-story flagship Manhattan location, as well as other office and amenity space for the condominiums up above. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects are designing the supertall.

217 West 57th Street

217 West 57th Street rising to the left of 220 CPS, photo by Kevin LeClerc

Completion of the tower is expected by 2019, at which time it will become the tallest building in New York City and the United States by roof height. One World Trade Center will still technically reign supreme at 1,787 feet, but with the base elevation pushing the prominence of 217 West 57th Street past the 1,600′ mark, it will make quite a mark on the Manhattan skyline.

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5 Comments on "217 West 57th Street, aka Central Park Tower, Gets Its First Glass"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | September 11, 2017 at 8:12 am | Reply

    Develop with intent. (I love it)

  2. the share link for facebook still does not work

  3. Though not the tallest, 220 CPS will be the premiere tower.

  4. Hi Nikolai: First, I want you to know I have been obsessively following this project since it was first announced in 2013. With events of this past summer, doubts about Gary’s ability to get this building built to completion have mostly disappeared: New York will now definitively take back what was lost in 1974 when the Sears Tower was completed with a roof height of 1,450 feet. Thanks for your careful and comprehensive coverage over the last several years!

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