Additional Renderings of 3 Hudson Boulevard’s Spire Appear, Hudson Yards

3 Hudson Boulevard Empire State Building3 Hudson Boulevard + Empire State Building, image by FX Fowle

With activity making headway at several of the supertalls that will eventually comprise Hudson Yards, it should come as no surprise that progress is also occurring at The Moinian Group’s 3 Hudson Boulevard, where FX Fowle has designed a building that will rise approximately 1,050 feet to its rooftop. While Moinian has said plans for the tower are still being finalized, additional renderings of the spired version have again appeared thanks to its architect, and construction at the site also appears to have begun.

The tower will total 1.8 million square feet, and the new images from FX Fowle give several additional perspectives of what the supertall will look like from the surrounding blocks. The view north along Eleventh Avenue in the distant future is perhaps the most telling of what the neighborhood’s impending evolution will really entail, and the urban scale of so many adjacent supertalls has yet to be experienced in New York City.

3 Hudson Boulevard 11th Avenue

3 Hudson Boulevard + 11th Avenue, image by FX Fowle

Importantly, and unlike the parts of Dubai and Shanghai that critics of height like to reference, Hudson Yards will actually be walkable, with a strip of retail-fronted parkland making up the future core of the neighborhood. Combined with the diverse use of towers fronting Hudson Park & Boulevard, the pedestrian experience is likely to improve substantially as the various new developments approach completion.

3 Hudson Boulevard

3 Hudson Boulevard, image by FX Fowle

As for 3 Hudson Boulevard, completion has been estimated to be likely by 2021.

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8 Comments on "Additional Renderings of 3 Hudson Boulevard’s Spire Appear, Hudson Yards"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | September 13, 2017 at 8:13 am | Reply

    I said. “No problem.” And I did double agreeing to the latest spire.

  2. All of your articles on building in Hudson Yards state the address as Hudson Blvd. Most of us have no point of reference to this new street. Can you PLEASE be more specific and give us a reference we can relate to? A numbered street? A corner of ? and ?

  3. Meh. The spire looks, for lack of a better word, uninspired. It feels derivative of the Bank of America Tower without at all pushing the envelope.

  4. Facebook share feature still doesn’t work.

  5. See rendering of Final Hudson Park and Boulevard design to give you perspective on where the building is located. The bulk of the Hudson yards project is just to the south

  6. No tenant?

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