Extell’s One Manhattan Square Tops Out At 847 Feet, Lower East Side

252 South Street252 South Street, photo by Tectonic

The Lower Lower East Side, aka Two Bridges, now has its first official skyscraper, with One Manhattan Square having topped-out yesterday. The tower, which also goes by its address 252 South Street, stands 847 feet and 72 actual floors (80 marketing) to its pinnacle, having risen the last ten floors to its rooftop since YIMBY last checked in on the site, in late August.

252 South Street

252 South Street, photo by Michael Young

Extell is the developer behind the site, and while 252 South Street may have now topped-out, the firm has several projects still rising into the skyline, including 217 West 57th Street in Midtown, and the last CityPoint tower, in Downtown Brooklyn.

One Manhattan Square will have 815 condominiums in all, while its shorter 13-story affordable component will have 205 income-restricted rental apartments. The tower is the most impressive addition to the neighborhood’s waterfront of all time, although as tall as it may seem, it will imminently be surpassed by JDS Development’s plans for 247 Cherry Street, which will cross into actual supertall territory.

252 South Street

252 South Street, photo by 5B Films

There will eventually be at least another three similarly-sized towers in the blocks to the north of 247 Cherry, so One Manhattan Square’s period of relative prominence on the skyline won’t be too long. With superstructure work now at the rooftop, the tower’s full opening is likely within the next year.

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3 Comments on "Extell’s One Manhattan Square Tops Out At 847 Feet, Lower East Side"

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  2. Finally! Gone are the days of building ugly brick towers that detract from the city’s grid, lacking any meaningful retail or reason for non-residents to even approach them. I welcome these waterfront towers and Essex Crossing! My grandparents may have avoided this neighborhood like the plague, but I can see myself living there someday, pending further development.

  3. This area still suffers from sucky DSL cand cablemodem internet service. nice building going up, but not leasing office said no fios. Has anyone been able to get stealth fiber gigabit to their building yet? one of my friends just got it in chinatown and was impressed.

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