Façade Installation Underway on Columbia University’s Manhattanville Academic Conference Center, 3205 Broadway, Harlem

3205 Broadway3205 Broadway, image by Tectonic

Columbia University’s Manhattanville Campus expansion, in Harlem, is one of the biggest new developments underway in New York City, though it may not look it at the moment. Construction is continuing in phases, and today, YIMBY has the latest photos of progress at the new three-story academic conference center, as shot by Tectonic.

3205 Broadway

3205 Broadway, image by Tectonic

The structure’s growth has been moving along quickly. When YIMBY last reported on 3205 Broadway, the steel framework had barely risen to the second floor. Now, the framework is nearly complete, and segments of the concrete façade have been installed. The facility will include two auditoriums, an information center, meeting rooms, and a café.

3205 Broadway

3205 Broadway, image by Tectonic

Glass has not yet been installed. Construction on this site is expected to wrap up next year.

3205 Broadway

3205 Broadway, image by Tectonic

Columbia’s Manhattanville campus will stretch across 17 acres, and create 6.8 million square feet of space. Architect Renzo Piano worked on the master plan for the development, a concept that was imperative for Columbia President Lee Bollinger to begin working on the project.

The ideology of the development is to bring together a diversity of academic fields to tackle larger questions facing society. The design is in contrast to Columbia’s existing campus location in Morningside Heights, which is cloistered and inwards-facing.

The new campus aims to be open and welcoming of the surrounding community, reflected by the glassy modernist designs. The entirety of the expansion is expected to be complete by 2030.

3205 Broadway

3205 Broadway. Image via Harlem+Bespoke.

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6 Comments on "Façade Installation Underway on Columbia University’s Manhattanville Academic Conference Center, 3205 Broadway, Harlem"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | October 25, 2017 at 7:13 am | Reply

    Nothing worst to do forward.

  2. Seems like wastefully low rise for a new development.

    • Manhattan is a mix of low rise and high rises, that makes our skyline ultimate and unique, its like a real Mountain, with super talls over 1000′, skyscrapers over 600′, simple tall buildings over 400′, and mountain slopes lower to the podium, this location just near West Side Highway (you see viaduct?) and 125th street with tallest structure there barely over 390′, so what height you prefers there in former toxic land infested before by autoshops (numerous ones)! Really better say nothing next time. Its much better than nearby 1 story autoshops! Architecture is modern and building looks fresh from drawing board, and overall impact on the area is overwhelmed already with new developments goes there and there, new developers like various new non residential structures as well, especially college and academic buildings like that. Then it will be Whole Foods, Trader Horns, Starbucks, West Elm, replacing unattractive Chinese food joints and autoshops making 125th Street looking similar to at lest like 14th Street…

  3. Made mistake, must read as at least instead of “at lest”, sorry. And don’t be upset with “such waste of land for low rise”, btw I prefer a simple green space there, but this is a Manhattan!

  4. This new Columbia campus is beautiful, modern, and tasteful.

  5. What an unfortunate facade. I get that it’s indoor theater type space, but that doesn’t mean brutalist architecture is required. Also, the agreements with Columbia and Manhattanville/West Harlem established some height restrictions, so this might be amongst those stipulations.

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