146 Linden Boulevard Tops-Off in Flatbush, Brooklyn

146 Linden Blvd.146 Linden Blvd.

146 Linden Boulevard has now topped-off in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The seven-story building will contain 18 rental-sized apartments measuring 705 square feet apiece. Above the second floor, select residences will include outdoor balcony and terrace areas. In total, the building measures 12,696 square feet.

As previously reported by YIMBY, the project is under development by Velocity Framers USA Inc., with David Silberman listed as architect of record.

The building replaces a former two-story townhouse with substantially more density. The new structure’s exterior is also much closer to the sidewalk, which further enhances the corridor’s burgeoning streetscape.

Completion is anticipated by the end of 2018.

Original structure at 146 Linden Blvd. (Bestreich Realty Group)

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7 Comments on "146 Linden Boulevard Tops-Off in Flatbush, Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: How happiness on me to see it? I can’t count but very much. (Thank you)

  2. I’m not sure this could look any cheaper if it was made out of painted cardboard.

  3. Another monstrosity built in my neighborhood. Nothing but a bunch of racist and elitist contractors building these apartments in predominantly black neighborhoods to segregate low income residents from the well to do.

  4. This is a NOT in my backyard from me, dawg. My heart hurts thinking about the beautiful building that gave its life for this monstrosity.
    ‘Much closer to the street enhancing the burgeoning corridor’ – Say what? It completely dishonors the current streetscape, but I guess when all the lovely old buildings are gone it won’t stick out like a sore thumb anymore. The block will be all thumbs.

  5. This building picture doesn’t even include the completed front door, which is kind of the coup de grace…Good luck fitting anything through the ridiculously narrow opening. I honestly don’t understand the mentality of these “developers.” So deluded.

  6. It’s a shame they stuck it too far out into the street. It would’ve been nicer if they lined it up properly with the buildings next to it.

  7. The owner is Solomon Feder. A real “classy fellow”. This property is like Pete Seeger’s song “Little boxes made of ticky tacky, Little boxes all the same …” Mold infested from top to bottom. Made me very sick while I resided in a subdivided “box”. Rent over $2000. Reported black mold which covered my whole bathroom including the toilette to The Housing Department. I waited over two months for an inspector. The inspector told me to take the management to court and was in schock when he saw my apartment. Hetook photos and videos and said who would place a violation and report it to his boss. Three days later the management had my complaint removed from The Department of Buildings and I recieved a notification that there was no mold in my apartment. So much for inside ties and corruption. Money talks….. I come from Scandinavia and this type of bribery/corruption is not part of our daily life. God Thanks!!!!

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