Developers Propose Zoning Amendments in the Columbia Street Waterfront District for New Residential Building

Street view of proposed development property at 41 Summit Street

A recent zoning amendment proposal for 41 Summit Street could result in the development of a new residential property in a quiet corner of Brooklyn known as the Columbia Street Waterfront District. As one of Brooklyn’s smallest neighborhoods, the area has not witnessed any major new developments compared to the surrounding Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, and Cobble Hill communities.

Amendments would immediately facilitate the development of a seven-story, 65-foot-tall residential project. Measuring only 10,000 square feet, the seven proposed units would average 1,428 square feet apiece. If approved, the new building would replace a vacant two-story structure.

Considering the duration of the required land approval process, construction at 41 Summit Street is projected to begin in 2020 with a final completion date of 2022.

While Environmental Assessment Statements confirm the non-existence of historically significant structures at 41 Summit Street, there is a concern that zoning amendments could also induce the development of neighboring properties at the intersection of Summit Street and Hamilton Avenue.

Designated “Lot 1” and “Lot 3,” both properties currently function as commercial, retail, and residential use. A Chase Bank and an associated parking lot occupy the large, wedge-shaped Lot 1 immediately west of 41 Summit Street also known as “Lot 60.” Lot 3 supports a 3-story residence with ground floor retail. If the current amendment proposals are approved, the lots could be combined to develop a 7,997-square-foot assemblage with up to 23,391 square feet of residential area and 7,977 square feet of commercial area. Estimating 850 square feet per unit, approximately 34 apartments could be constructed on site.

Street view of neighboring Lot 1 (left) and Lot 3 (right) (Sourced from AECOM’s Environmental Assessment Statement)

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2 Comments on "Developers Propose Zoning Amendments in the Columbia Street Waterfront District for New Residential Building"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Time, money, development. What do you want the most for your life?

  2. Overall, this is a neighborhood with a peculiar charm – low rise, wide open skies, quiet, quirky restaurants, artists. There is still some industrial use. It’s also relatively isolated, at least from mass transit. It deserves infill, but not upzoning. Replace the vacant 2-story building with a residential structure of 4 or 5 stories. There’s no need to block the sky here. Given the pace of development and densification throughout the city, it would be better that this stay a unique corner

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