Quay Tower Sees Brooklyn’s First-Ever $20 Million Condominium Sale

Quay Tower, image by Andrew Campbell NelsonQuay Tower, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

Quay Tower is not like most of the new residential skyscrapers rising in Brooklyn. The project sits directly against the Brooklyn Heights waterfront, soaring 30 floors above the neighboring brownstone-filled streets, and features a glassy façade paired with brushed copper-hued metals that evoke the iron girders along Pier 6, nearby. Now, the building has now shattered a record for the entire borough, with its penthouse entering contract for $20 million, nearly $4 million over the previous record for a Brooklyn apartment set by actor Matt Damon.

Living room in Quay Tower

Living room in Quay Tower

Douglas Elliman Development Marketing is responsible for sales. Other units range in price from $1.9 to $5 million.

Views from inside a residencies at Quay Tower while still under construction, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

Views from inside a residence at Quay Tower while still under construction, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

The sale combines two units to create a massive five-bedroom residence yielding 7,433 square feet of indoor space and 1,180 square feet of terraces. This unit will come with the views captured from YIMBY’s early September visit. The building will be packed with amenities, including a fitness center, dog spa, conference rooms, kids space, and bicycle parking.

While $20 million sales are generally no indicator of affordability, the news comes at a time when market-rate rentals in other boroughs are opening with two-bedrooms for $1,800 per month. Some may see the news regarding Quay Tower as an indictment against the impact of new development on pricing, but on the contrary, the milestone comes amidst general pricing decreases brought on by the ongoing surge of new construction. Quay Tower is simply attractive new product in a specific and desirable location where such typology did not previously exist, and if anything, the number is a hopeful sign that the nascent construction boom in Brooklyn Heights and beyond will remain robust.

Shared amenities rooftop at Quay Tower, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

Shared amenities rooftop at Quay Tower, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson

Sunset amenities lounge on the rooftop of Quay Tower

Sunset amenities lounge on the rooftop of Quay Tower

The 315-foot-tall structure yields 274,500 square feet for residential use. 126 units will be created, averaging 2,180 square feet apiece, indicating large layouts.

Quay Tower from Pier 6, image by Andrew Nelson

RAL Companies and Oliver’s Realty Group are responsible for the development, and ODA is responsible for the design. Completion for the building is expected by July of next year.

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6 Comments on "Quay Tower Sees Brooklyn’s First-Ever $20 Million Condominium Sale"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Do you like air-conditioner’s design?

  2. I don’t know, for me this 315 feet tall 28 storey tower is neither look tall or I consider it as a “skyscraper”, a regular high-rise, and about “brownstone filled” streets nearby, come on just next to it is older One Brooklyn Pier, a 15 story converted from warehouse condo lots, and many buildings over 6 floors sprouted there and there, including hated structure cubes of LICH, what currently will be growing up to the new height under new re-development plans. Also, this tower is in on lower side of hill, by Brooklyn Pier Park, just few feet elevation of East River, but just after BQE is area going uphill quickly with structures stand like 50-70 feet over the water level or sea level elevation. So this high-rise impact on the area and overall Brooklyn skyline is minimal and barely making it look like a skyscraper. Overall, this high-rise looks pretty modernist and metallic inserts for glassy exterior for every 3 floors, making visual tall building impact less, like giant tall triplex floors times 9. Btw, this building even not a 30 story, but 28. Except older historical structures built before 1960-1970, in America and almost everywhere a cutoff height for “skyscraper” is usually taller than 492 feet. A “supertall” is 984 feet and up, and “megatall” is 1968 feet and up. Brooklyn is a borough where before 2007 was only one building was qualifying as a “skyscraper” at 512 feet, even many structures in Court Street Architectural and Historical District are have surrounding skyscraper impact like being 350 feet up to 450 feet tall and area have been on the top of Brooklyn Heights, what’s have elevation almost 100 feet over sea level.

  3. Great job Anderson-Ehrmann Team.

  4. David in Bushwick | October 12, 2018 at 7:04 pm | Reply

    Matt Damon is a surprise. I guess Manhattan is finally no longer the cool place to live. With all the new glass boxes, CVS and Starbucks, Manhattan is just like everywhere else. Brooklyn might still be able to avoid this situation.

  5. jack, was that your own special dialect? You had me going until ” about “brownstone filled streets nearby, come on just next to it is ….”.

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