48 Affordable Housing Units Coming to 221 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island

221 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island221 Port Richmond Avenue via Google Maps

New construction permits have been filed for a six-story mixed-use building at 221 Port Richmond Avenue, in Staten Island’s Port Richmond neighborhood. The corner site, between Castleton Avenue and Anderson Avenue, will soon be home to 48 affordable housing units, to be completed by 2021. Located in a commercial area, the lot is about a 22 minute bus ride along Castleton Avenue to the St. George ferry terminal that connects to Manhattan. Hudson Companies is listed as the owner behind the applications.

The 55-foot tall structure will yield 42,354 square feet, with 13,619 square feet dedicated to residences and 16,758 square feet to community facilities. 48 apartments will be created, averaging 283 square feet apiece. The development, Castleton Housing is a joint venture with Project Hospitality, a Staten Island non-profit. There will be 29 permanent supportive units and 18 affordable units affordable to households earning up to 60% of area median income. The ground floor community facility run by Project Hospitality includes supportive services as well as a lounge, computer room and library.

Amie Gross Architects, a Long Island City-based firm known for community developments, is the architect of record.

Demolition permits have not been filed.

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10 Comments on "48 Affordable Housing Units Coming to 221 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: I can see consequent after your report, there are congruent between details and Google Maps. Thank you. (Hello YIMBY)

  2. Where can get an application to apply for an affordable apartment.

  3. Application information please

  4. LAWANDA Y HINES | November 30, 2018 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    I would also like information on how to apply for apartments

  5. Im confused… 48 apts at 283sqft? Is that information correct?

  6. Maria Luisa Rivera | January 6, 2019 at 12:07 pm | Reply

    This affordable housing term is so whack, from maybe 200 or more apts only 48 are affordable is not true. I live in one of this supposedly affordable apts and I pay 1,100 for one bedroom. These apts are not affordable if people are going to this kind of rent. They haven’t got the demolition permits yet. This complex should be done by 2020.

  7. jim callaghan | July 17, 2019 at 3:21 pm | Reply

    did project hospitality put out bids for this site? who owns it? was in appraised? sounds like a homeless shelter- way too much secrecy involved in this deal. when will the staten island elected speak up? what are the tax breaks for the DiBlasio crony?

  8. Why build this eye sore in this up coming neighborhood Where so many have purchase homes And but some much money into them. Thinking they can grow with the neighborhood And get a great investment, this is really a project And it will tear down the neighborhood where everyone has been putting their hard earned money Into improve in the neighborhood, this will start a building of many tall buildings now. It did not work in the koch days , it brought Neighborhoods down And people moved out , Selling their houses. The city and our representatives For the area don’t care. They are making the back door deals. It’s the Democratic Party, the for left who do this for money and also take neighborhoods down At the same time. It never worked and it will never work. Ps where are the families going to park their cars in a small neighborhood , zoning law R3A. 48 families. Could have two to three cars. 144 cars I’ll be selling my home fast and I moved here from Brooklyn from a place that this happen. Life is going to get bad here.

  9. Stop building on Staten Island. Our family has lived here for generations. Keep your building projects

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