35 Hudson Yards, Neighborhood’s First Residential Supertall, Readies for Spring 2019 Opening As Work Nears Completion

35 Hudson Yards among its surrounding neighbors. Photo by Michael Young

Standing in between Kohn Pedersen Fox’s 55 Hudson Yards and Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel staircase, 35 Hudson Yards rises 1,009 feet above the rail yards as the 10th-tallest skyscraper under construction in New York City. Designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill, the 92-story mixed-use building will house 143 condominiums, a 217-key Equinox Hotel from the 15th floor to the 29th floor, and retail shops on the ground floor and second floor. This will be the tallest residential building at Hudson Yards and the third tallest in the first phase of the $28 billion dollar complex. Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group Inc. are the developers of the 1.1 million square foot tower.

35 Hudson Yards, photo by Michael Young

35 Hudson Yards from the High Line. Photo by Michael Young

Work on the entire facade is nearly complete, with the upper panels now crowning the top of the building. The indented, curved crown and sleek elevations are mixed with glass panels and thin vertical lines of warm-colored limestone. The concave and wavy facade on the southern and eastern ground floor elevation above the entrances is a striking and bold gesture juxtaposed against the building’s flat, rigid grid of rectangular panels. Multiple setbacks are found throughout the height of the tower.

Close up of the crown looking southwest. Photo by Michael Young

Close up of the crown looking north from the High Line. Photo by Michael Young

The base starts with a subtle trapezoidal-shaped footprint and sets back on all sides while maintaining a relative pattern of rectangular and square-shaped floor plates until reaching the final levels of the tower. Up top, the residential units come with curved corners. Prices for the condominiums begin around $5 million dollars, and residences with 22,000 square feet of amenities. The interiors of the units are being designed by Tony Ingrao of Ingrao Design.

35 Hudson Yards Living Room with Hudson River Views – courtesy of Related-Oxford

35 Hudson Yards Great Room with Hudson River Views – courtesy of Related-Oxford

The exterior elevator on the western elevation should be coming down in the coming weeks, and interiors are also being fitted and worked on for the time being.

35 Hudson Yards will open this coming spring.

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8 Comments on "35 Hudson Yards, Neighborhood’s First Residential Supertall, Readies for Spring 2019 Opening As Work Nears Completion"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Somewhere in order to progress showing me and I’m going to say it is very beautiful tower. You can bring all parts. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  2. “This will be tallest residential and third tallest building in 1st Phase of Hudson Yards”, come on Phase 1 of Hudson Yards is consist 6 buildings, and 50 Hudson Yards reduced to 985 feet. Btw you have missed it. And under construction now. So, 35 Hudson is second tallest in Hudson Yards, don’t mixed it with Hudson Yards Blvd, it’s not over platform, and beside Hudson Yards Complex. They are belongs to Hudson Yards Neighborhood. Btw 3 Hudson Yards, 940 feet where is, under construction too, and you have missed it. Lastly, “92 story” is for marketing trick, actually 72 actual amount of floors built, same like 90 story 30 Hudson Yards have actual amount of constructed floors of 73. Same like 88 story 15 Hudson Yards have only count 72 constructed floors. So start report actual amount of constructed floors over the ground in additional to “marketing tricks” counted floors. Often residential floors over low rise hotel count, missed 10-20 floor count, that’s happened all over in NYC, same like in office buildings too who have tall lobies, and then office floors raised up over starting like from “floor 20 or even 35”, etc. Thank you. And finally construction of that building was one of fastest in whole complex, it was built in slightly more than 2 years since foundation was started. Just look in construction photos of Complex in late December of 2016.

  3. 3 Hudson Yards Blvd and so called Spiral Bldg also on Blvd, belongs to Hudson Yards Blvd complex, is an extension of Original Hudson Yards and not belongs to 28 billion Related Oxford Hudson Yards complex.

  4. Btw my pardon, you posted article about 3 Hudson Yards Blvd, as 14th building under construction, 4 days ago, I was missed it, I’m apologizing. But reporting 35 Hudson Yards as “third tallest in development” is a mistake, it is second one tallest and one what is most impressive building in whole complex, almost 100 feet taller than 15 Hudson Yards and even more over 10 Hudson Yards and 55 Hudson Yards, and few dozen feet taller than under construction 50 Hudson Yards. Only 30 Hudson Yards mammoth building is looming over it almost 300 feet taller. Hudson Yards is most impressive complex, and along with Manhattan West and Hudson Yards Neighborhood is biggest ever postwar reconstruction of NYC with different size and heights skyscrapers, even more impressive than rebuilt Downtown FiDi WTC Complex!!! Hudson Yards is one of biggest fully planned Complex, outpaced even “Moscow City” in Moscow, Russia, latter is nothing more than highrise “microdistrict of glassy buildings” near MKAD, totally outdated since looks like from 1980s architecture built in 21st Century, what is a still big progress for them. Hudson Yards and Manhattan West is true 21st Century Complexes, and built within dense space, only parcels left for mass construction in whole Manhattan Island!!! Sorry for long comments. I’m very impressed with scale and overall impact of Hudson Yards and Manhattan West already did in NYC Iconic Skyline, what considered best in the World!!!
    Make America Great Again!!! I love New York, the most impressive city in the World!!!

  5. So, now they post 50 HY as tall as 1011 feet, while available rendering shows it still at 985 feet. Btw this information is simular to height of 30 Hudson Yards, 1296 feet as top out information, and question why Wikipedia and SkyscraperCity shows it as “1268 feet”. Anyway, 2nd or 3rd it’s doesn’t really matter until 50 HY will be stay completed. So far progress on this tower, 50 HY was delayed due for recent labor issues with concrete union workers. This tower is already in works for about 2 years, since McDonald and Old Office Residential Building was demolished. For this time frame they almost finished 15 HY, Shed, 35 HY, and 30 HY. And construction of second phase is delayed too. 3 HY Blvd was in big delay of construction and Spiral building too. HY Neighborhoods is progressing however from North and South to Hudson Yards main campus (over rail tracks).
    Architectural all 5 towers are unique with design and types of modernist architecture. As I said this Huge Office Residential campus is ultimately void existing before Manhattan Skyline, making biggest positive impact on it, especially from New Jersey side of Hudson river.
    Hong King-on-Hudson!!! Thanks Related Oxford participation in this biggest private development project in NY History.

  6. 5 towers out 6 is now complete or nearly complete. And this happened for just last 5 years!!! What’s impressive that most office space is already leased out!!! Compare this with WTC Reconstruction timeframe. And still who knows where will be re-start construction for 2 WTC, if ever been happening any soon.

  7. Now, THIS is an absolute beaut and a worthy addition to NYC’s iconic skyline!


    Easily, the Belle of the Ball in an otherwise blighted sea of big, bulky, bloated, Supertall Fugliness that is Hudson Yards.


    Please, sir, can we [NYC] have some more (buildings like this in Hudson Yards)?!?!


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