Final Negotiations Begin for $3.5 Billion Redevelopment at Fordham Landing, in The Bronx

Preliminary renderings of Fordham Landing - Dynamic Star LLCPreliminary renderings of Fordham Landing - Dynamic Star LLC

A $3.5 billion initiative to reshape and redevelop an industrial wasteland on the Eastern edge of The Bronx has reached the final stages of negotiations, and could soon begin construction. Known formally as Fordham Landing, the property is located between the Harlem River and the Major Deegan Expressway, immediately adjacent to the University Heights Bridge.

Preliminary renderings were scooped by Lois Weiss of the New York Post earlier this week, to reveal several high-rise towers, an aquatic recreation space, and a public esplanade. Dynamic Star, the development team behind the propose project, has tapped design architects NADAAA and Perkins Eastman.

Pending approvals, the development could yield a whopping 5 million square feet, including office space, a mix of affordable and market rate apartments, a new hotel and conference center, community spaces, and 12 acres of open spaces.

The only specified portions of the proposed project so far include a 700,000-square-foot “Life Sciences Center” and associated office space. Residential area will reportedly include a total of 2,800 apartments, with approximately 30 percent to be let as affordable homes.

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17 Comments on "Final Negotiations Begin for $3.5 Billion Redevelopment at Fordham Landing, in The Bronx"

  1. MATTHEW ZENONE | May 27, 2019 at 7:39 am | Reply

    Excited to see this development when it is complete, there has been a construction boom especially in the Bronx with alot of projects that have been announced.

  2. Rendezvous and beauty-spot development, as well as resort for people relax and activities. Female or not female I see happy way on fresh or cheerful living, police station no need for this view because there is not crime on beautiful splendid. Developer’s brainpower showing me with its graceful designs on construction, no have real stainless steel but you and I know it’s good and new towards awareness or emotion with love it. (Thanks to YIMBY)

  3. ‘Segal, a veteran union electrical contractor who sold his company in 2011 and made the move to residential development, vows to build the project in phases, using all union labor — almost unheard of in the Bronx.’

    Great news!

  4. Thomas Kordich | May 27, 2019 at 10:42 am | Reply

    Daily wackadodo above

  5. The University Heights Bridge is on the Western Side of the Bronx, not the Eastern Edge

  6. This would be the western edge of the Bronx, not the eastern.

  7. David is my hero.

  8. Awesome!

  9. David been around forever reading these Yimby notices would love to meet him one day.

  10. Having lived all my life in this area, this has to be the dumbest idea I’ve seen planned for the Bronx yet. No mention of traffic surveys. This happens to be one of the worst choke points, with traffic tied up from cars and commercial trucks getting on and off the MajorDeegan. Also, how would they get traffic in and out of that area? Right now it’s a side street off of the bridge entrance.. only one way in and out of what’s called exterior street. The metro North railroad tracks and MD highway make any connections to the eastern side streets impossible. Beyond that, I love how all of these projects are area market rate with some low percentage of affordable.. and all the sheep applaud and comment about how this will really clean up and help the area. There’s always so much missing from lazy reporting these days. It’s almost as if these are fluff pieces written by developers. Hmmm..

    • Bruce, when you see the new connections, traffic configurations and supporting infrastructure improvements they have designed to alleviate all that, you will shut your uninformed trap. Til then you can carry on like you see something that anybody with half a brain doesnt, if it makes you feel relevant….. Sound some rival developer is paying you to shoot this down

      • Like i said, I know the area intimately. Have you seen the supporting infrastructure improvements? Or care to share? I have my own ideas of how this could be done, but the impact to traffic regardless during construction would be a nightmare. It took almost 20 years to improve the CBX/MD/GWB ramps and upper roadways.. and its STILL not finished. So excuse me if i think 3.5 billion could be spent anywhere else in the Bronx without the major disruption required by this. If we are still around in the years it will take to build we can argue about who was right or wrong. Nuff said.

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