YIMBY Reveals Exclusive New Renderings of 3421 Glenwood Road in Midwood, Brooklyn

Rendering of 3421 Glenwood Road - S. Weider ArchitectRendering of 3421 Glenwood Road - S. Weider Architect

New renderings have surfaced revealing a seven-story, 19-unit residential development at 3421 Glenwood Road in South Midwood, Brooklyn. Designed by S. Wieder Architect, the building will comprise 24,000 square feet. Additional components include ground-floor parking and a second-floor community facility.

The existing, three-story structure at 3421 Glenwood Road sits on a large corner lot and features a modern Victorian design that is characteristic of South Midwood. The neighborhood was originally founded in 1892 by the Germania Real Estate and Development Company and is today the largest of the Victorian Flatbush neighborhoods. According to the local community board, more than 400 existing houses are designed in that style.

The new structure breaks from this style, however, and resembles many of the rising multi-unit residences in Brooklyn. The building will be clad in a mix of light- and dark-hued brick, large windows, and a number of modest residential balconies. Renderings also reveal spacious outdoor terraces and a roof deck.

Permits for the new building are currently unfiled and information on the developer, residential amenities, or the project’s timeline was not readily available.

Aerial view of 3421 Glenwood Rd - Google Maps

Aerial view of 3421 Glenwood Rd – Google Maps

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10 Comments on "YIMBY Reveals Exclusive New Renderings of 3421 Glenwood Road in Midwood, Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: There are commutation between renderings and details. Commingled for new development designed. (Thank you)

  2. This design seems like an insult to the surrounding neighborhood which has a remarkably cohesive appearance.

  3. Ouch. This historic neighborhood needs an architectural review board.

  4. What does “modern Victorian” mean?

  5. Kyle Christopher | May 4, 2019 at 10:02 pm | Reply

    This house is in Vandeveer Park. The first development in Victorian Flatbush, South Midwood also in Flatbush and North of modern day Midwood is West of Flatbush ave. s Midwood was built between 1899-1901. The address in question is East of Flatbush ave. Today that area is commonly considered East Flatbush.

  6. Build it high and wide baby!!! Its a shame that they cant build bigger in these neighborhoods. You people are so ungrateful. You don’t know how lucky you are that developers are even willing to build down here. Without these air rights your houses would be worth 1/2 if not 1/3 of what they are selling for today.

  7. Hopefully they can smoke cigarettes on their balcony!! Enjo6!!!

  8. Such a lack of context, sickening.

  9. elegant design, interior pictures ?

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