Exclusive Reveal for ODA’s Cantilevering-Contemporary 167 Fourth Avenue, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Rendering of 167 Fourth Avenue (formerly 639 Degraw Street) - ODA ArchitectureRendering of 167 Fourth Avenue (formerly 639 Degraw Street) - ODA Architecture

Developer Claudio Soifer has revealed fresh renderings of a new 12-story, mixed-use development in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Located at 167 Fourth Avenue and formerly referred to as 639 Degraw Street, the structure will replace several vacant lots.

Designed by ODA, the building features the firm’s characteristic cubic style with a series of stepped setbacks and balconies. The concrete-formed structure appears to be clad in red brick masonry and glass elements.

From the ground up, the structure will contain both commercial area and community-oriented facilities within the lower levels. The building’s second through 12th floors will contain 57 residences along with an undisclosed amenities package. When complete, the entire development will yield 220,000 square feet and top off at 125 feet tall.

An official date of completion has not yet been announced.

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14 Comments on "Exclusive Reveal for ODA’s Cantilevering-Contemporary 167 Fourth Avenue, in Park Slope, Brooklyn"

  1. To access the project with your report, and I interpose to you by my comment for good reason. I attend to read it without awkward moments, because a new 12-story taking office on its work. (Thanks to YIMBY)

  2. Richard Johnson | June 29, 2019 at 10:29 am | Reply

    I guess if one cantilever is good, then a lot makes it great? When will this “jenga” architecture stop? The cantilever has been around for a long time, and this is a disturbing excess.

  3. David in Bushwick | June 29, 2019 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    Very interesting design. The base floor is the weakest part.

  4. Twelve stories!

  5. Now that’s a new kind of fugly. The first commenter makes a lot of sense.

  6. Ugly and inappropriate in the neighborhood.

  7. This looks like a great building for a Gorilla to throw barrels at a encroaching Italian wearing overallsJH

  8. Are architects not taught to appreciate and work with context anymore? I know I was.

    • Their trying to charge a premium in an already costly hood. Homes there r quite costly.

      Now tenants can claim living in that funky odd builsing over there.

      Plus the costs of the vacant lots. Which was possiblt some speculator who assembled over 15 yrs.

  9. Better than another boring, uninspired box. There are more than enough of those already on 4th Ave.

    • Perhaps. Guess u wont care when ur coffee price foes up by 50 cents in 2 yrs.

      Buildings like these do nothingfor the community.

      Only homeowners and spexulators behins them.

      Renters may smile about the design. But when their rents rises too muxh they will wonder.

  10. Where is my post?

  11. Beautiful design

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