ODA-Designed Hotel Rises Above Street Level at 1548 Bedford Avenue, in Crown Heights

1548 Bedford Avenue, rendering courtesy ODA Architects

The superstructure for ODA’s future five-story hotel at 1548 Bedford Avenue is now above ground in Crown Heights. The site is located along Bedford Avenue between Union Street and Eastern Parkway, and is a couple of blocks away from Prospect Park. The 38,300-square-foot project will yield 100 hotel rooms, a ground-floor banquet hall and restaurant, café, and shared terraces on the third and fourth levels. The fifth floor will be topped with a rooftop garden and a bar. Yoel Schwimmer is the developer.

Tectonic walked by the site and took some recent photos of the progress.

Looking southwest at the site.

A closer look at the images reveal the form work for the signature aches beginning to go up on the back side of the structure.

1548 Bedford Avenue’s arches are beginning to be formed.

The exterior will be made of concrete and have a dark-colored charcoal hue.

1548 Bedford Avenue archways, rendering courtesy ODA Architects

The inside is going to have a landscaped central courtyard.

1548 Bedford Avenue courtyard, rendering courtesy ODA Architects

Forty-three hotel rooms will be housed on the second floor, 31 rooms on the third floor, and 26 rooms on the fourth floor. The most notable aspect of the structure is a distinctive perimeter of ground-floor arches. The property was formerly occupied by a gas station, which was bought by the developers for $7.2 million and demolished.

A number of subways are nearby, including the S at Botanic Garden station, the 3 at Nostrand Avenue Station, and the 2 and 5 at President Street Station. The Brooklyn Museum is a ten-minute walk to the west, along with access to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Prospect Park Zoo. The Brooklyn Public Library and Grand Army Plaza are an extra five-minute walk further west from the Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum subway stop, which services the 2 and 3 trains.

Work on 1548 Bedford Avenue is expected to be completed before the end of 2020.

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16 Comments on "ODA-Designed Hotel Rises Above Street Level at 1548 Bedford Avenue, in Crown Heights"

  1. It should say “signature ARCHES”, NOT aches

  2. It’s looked the same for months now, and there doesn’t seem to be much visible work happening. You should consider reaching out to the developer for more accurate info.

  3. Not a hammer has been lifted on this site since March… Serious problems, why not report that?

  4. Totally agree – in fact, it’s frustrating that the mess of a building site doesn’t seem to be progressing. It’s been such a long time since the whole project started, and meanwhile it’s an eyesore. Get it done already.

  5. Weird timing for this article since the construction has been halted for a while. Pretty drawings but in the meanwhile we have to walk in the street because the sidewalk is closed.

  6. Crownheightser | July 18, 2019 at 11:40 am | Reply

    Agree with all the comments above. No work on this site has been done in months and months. I live on this block and it’s awful. The plywood barrier walls are starting to sag into the street. It smells like urine at the site. Please write a real story about what is happening at this site, rather than a fluff piece that sounds like promotional content for the developer.

    • If you reporters are reading the above comments, you should have the courtesy to answer them. The article was wrongly written months after the total shut down of the job site

    • Any update as far as you know on this ? We live in the bldg immediately next to the site and it’s become a health hazard at this point. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

  7. I don’t recall any work being done here since fall of 2018. The exposed rebar is rusting. Even the fence is falling down. Amazing that not only does the site seem to be abandoned, but any news about it as well.

  8. If you refer to the DOB virtual job folder for the project it looks like the owner had to release the original contractor and higher a new one. This paperwork was filed in April of 2019.

  9. Does anyone have any updates for this? I just reached out to ODA and hope I get an answer. That corner is really becoming an eye sore and a dangerous one. Thanks.

  10. Yesterday I saw DOB on the scene at this site. I talked to the guy and he said there will be fines issued. I am sure those fines are not any kind of deterrent for this developer who appears to have abandoned the site. Be great is some actual news coverage happened about this project. It’s become a blight on the neighborhood and is just getting more awful by the day.

    • Agreed. I reached out to the developer and the architect (ODA and All Year Mgt). No responses for over 1 month. Would be great if others reached out to them as well.

  11. Wooden structures have been torn down as of 12-26-2019. I would speculate they are doing demo of the old rotten stuff to be ready to reconstruct in spring?

    • Zero response from All Year Management and minimal response pushing off liability from ODA. Anyone know what’s going on here ?

  12. Yes it seems there’s been a bankruptcy and it was sold off cheap. No hotel likely now.

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