First Look Inside the Durst Organization’s 10 Halletts Point Complex in Astoria

Rendering of 10 Hallets Point - Durst OrganizationRendering of 10 Hallets Point - Durst Organization

The Durst Organization has provided a first look inside of 10 Halletts Point, a dual-tower residential complex in Astoria, Queens. The property, which was designed and constructed in accordance to LEED Gold requirements, features a total of 2.4 million square feet and includes a 22-story tower, a 19-story tower, and a shared central podium. The development contains more than 400 apartments.

Residential lounge area - The Durst Organization

Residential lounge area – The Durst Organization

Dattner Architects was the architect for the project and Spacesmith designed the interiors, which intended to inspire the Danish concept of hygge, or comfort and coziness, through the use of warm color palettes, natural materials, and muted textures.

The children’s playroom is described as a “little house in the forest” with mountain-shaped seating, trees, leaf-patterned ceiling shapes with lighting, and a central playhouse.

10 Halletts Point Children's Playroom - The Durst Organization

Children’s Playroom – The Durst Organization

Residents will have access to an open-air amenity deck located between the two buildings. Positioned above the central podium, this level includes outdoor cooking areas, communal seating, shaded lounge areas, and direct views of the Manhattan skyline.

Outdoor terrace areas - The Durst Organization

Outdoor terrace areas – The Durst Organization

Outdoor terrace areas - The Durst Organization

Outdoor terrace areas – The Durst Organization

As previously reported by YIMBY, studio units are priced starting at $2,150, while the most premium two-bedroom residences fetch $4,050.

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6 Comments on "First Look Inside the Durst Organization’s 10 Halletts Point Complex in Astoria"

  1. The word has already been used: ‘Very.’ There are very beautiful structures, as well as views into your report. Is the privacy right to leave real opinions? (Hello New York YIMBY)

    • Thank you david! | July 22, 2019 at 10:11 am | Reply

      From floor to sky its a largess of rich brained developer’s thinking. I know it from you (Michael Young to Yimby) overly sights and pleasantry from english. Nice texts to colors from previous designations? (Thanks to David)
      I hope you guys appreciate the work I put in to this gibberish! It’s not as easy as it sounds…

  2. The new project has been built right next to the projects. It’s a slap in the face of the people in the projects struggling to survive. Why in the world would you buid a luxury building next to the projects? I lived in that area and it’s not safe at all not matte what time of the day it is. I moved with my children after a few months. I was afraid to walk down the street. You have drug dealers at every corner and why would anyone pay $2100 to be afraid for your life? No thanks. Keep your luxury apartments. No one will move there. Should be converted to section 8…

  3. Nice building horrible location. Not paying $$$ to see the projects every day.

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