Timber Equities Reveals Two New Rental Buildings in Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale Neighborhoods of The Bronx

2395 Palisade Avenue - Kutnicki Bernstein Architects2395 Palisade Avenue - Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

New renderings from Timber Equities offer a first look at a pair of multi-unit rental buildings on the rise in the Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale sections of The Bronx. Based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the developer is responsible for some of the new multi-unit properties approaching construction in these quiet upper-middle-class neighborhoods.

The first property in Spuyten Duyvil is located at 2395 Palisade Avenue and overlooks both the Hudson River and upper portions of the Harlem River. The six-story building is currently in pre-construction phases and will eventually comprise approximately 49,300 square feet. Designed by Kutnicki Bernstein Architects, the development will support 55 rental units, sub-grade parking for approximately 30 vehicles, and other unspecified amenity spaces.

Renderings for the property reveal a gray masonry structure with balconies for select units and possibly a communal rooftop for future occupants.

2395 Palisade Avenue - Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

2395 Palisade Avenue – Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

The second building, also designed by Kutnicki Bernstein Architects, is located in the Riverdale section of The Bronx at 3893 Waldo Avenue. The structure will rise five stories above ground and measure 41,177 square feet with 29 rental units. A small portion of the property will support unspecified community facility space.

The building features a simple red brick façade that is set above light-colored masonry at the ground floor.

An estimated date of completion for both properties has not been announced.

3893 Waldo Avenue - Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

3893 Waldo Avenue – Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

Community Facility Spaces at3893 Waldo Avenue - Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

Community Facility Spaces at 3893 Waldo Avenue – Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

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17 Comments on "Timber Equities Reveals Two New Rental Buildings in Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale Neighborhoods of The Bronx"

  1. Thank you: Sometimes I think that the beauty is not only in the design, and construction of buildings. I just want to look away from the original frame, that give my beautiful value that flowers hide the freshness and natural beauty.

    • Great that another 55 unit residence coming to a neighborhood with already limited parking, over crowded schools and taking away the breath taking view. I grew up on Palisades and it’s sad to see this development coming to ruin this quaint and beautiful neighborhood.

  2. Looks good. That house the first one is replacing though is something else…

  3. JENNIFER SCARLOTT | September 29, 2019 at 12:48 pm | Reply

    F*ck you, Timber Equities, for working for the unethical and illegal destruction of a historic and fragile neighborhood, and for the destruction of a 1924 landmark, the Villa Rosa Bonheur at 2395 Palisade, a graceful, multi-family building whose developer and architect sought, nearly a century ago, to prevent precisely the soulless, inappropriate development that you represent. We will continue to fight you.

  4. These developers intentionally destroyed the historic house by leaving the roof off for a year so it would fall apart. Then there other development is going to put an 80ft wall of glass and brick directly bordering a small community park. Nothing in these developments is good for the community; more high priced rentals, more traffic, and less green space.

  5. Those of us the “quiet” Waldo neighborhood do not want or welcome a multi-unit building encroaching on our established buildings, AND damaging the beautiful park and respite adjacent. We have told the developer so. Please speak up to save Brust Park.

  6. Right now there is a lot of green space around the existing building at Dash Place/Waldo. Much of it will disappear when this building goes up. There are a lot of safety concerns with this location. Let alone the questions where the people who’d be accessing/using the community center would be parking. While 242nd Street is marked a street on paper in that area, in reality it’s just a short driveway leading up from Waldo. So far the developer is only planning for 14 parking spaces for residents only (some of the residents, not all)

  7. The rendering of 3893 Waldo from Dash Place is a joke. That’s not at all what the street layout is, or how close to the curve it would be. It’s a total sham

  8. The house that is being replaced by this new rental property is the Villa Rosa Bonheur. The skeleton of this historic house is still standing on the site. It is one of the most important architectural responses to the City Ugly bldgs of the 1920s and for decades has been beloved by the community, and now to be replaced by well, this… For more information, Google “Villa Rosa Bonheur” in Spuyten Duyvil, both in All and News.

  9. Disgusting. Timber Equities should be heavily fined for what they did to the Rosa Bonheur, and they should not be allowed to profit from their wanton destruction of one of the last few historic structures to remind people why Sputen Duyvil was ever desirable in the first place.

  10. From Waldo Ave this looks like an 8 or 9 story pile of Legos squeezed between a park a building. No setbacks, and the only pretty thing is Manhattan College’s garden over 300′ away.

    From Dash, it completely blocks the view of Brust Park. The street has magically gone from 25′ wide to about 80′. Brust Forest will shrivel and die.

  11. Horrible on many levels. What is wrong with these people?

  12. I once looked out my window at the beautiful Villa Bonheur, and now it is a building partially destroyed without a roof. The beautiful tile roof was purposely removed and the structure was left to the elements to purposely destroy any hope of renovating this once beautiful home. Timber Equities lied about their project and led us to believe that they intended to renovate the interior and create apartments. It is obvious that someone must have granted permission to build a high rise in its place. The neighborhood is extremely upset because Timber Equities is destroying our charming neighborhood. Questions still remain about overcrowded streets and limited parking which is already a problem. My view will be greatly impacted by this development and I am very angry that people lied to the public and it appears that something possibly illegal took place. Who changed the original building approval. Someone out there must know..

  13. Let me propose a different take: the existing building is surrounded by tall towers on all sides. One more is not going to make a difference. The neighborhood lacks services, not parking. We have few restaurants, grocery stores, or other amenities in the walking distance. More people should invest, build, and live here.

    • That part is not a commercial area. It is residential. Services, restaurants, grocery stores do not belong there. There is a block of small businesses on West 238th Street….WALKING DISTANCE! You probably don’t live there so what do you know about the neighborhood or the impact it will have to Brust Park and the surrounding buildings, some that have been there since 1929.

  14. Dash Place is only 24 feet wide, a one way street which ends at Greystone Avenue. Every day, school buses piled up at the end of Dash Place to gather students. The rendering by Timber Equities is extremely misleading, like everything they have presented to the community in the past. The building next to Brust Park, with balconies facing the forest will be detrimental to the different ecosystems of this beautiful native public park. It is shameful what they have done to Villa Rosa Bonheur and what they are intending to do adjacent to Brust Park. We say get out of our neighborhoods and stop destroying our communities.

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