Marriott SpringHill Hotel Announced for 223 West 46th Street in Times Square

Rendering of 223 West 46th Street - Gene Kaufman ArchitectRendering of 223 West 46th Street . Designed by Gene Kaufman Architect

McSam Hotel Group will break ground in January on a new Marriott Hotel property in Times Square. Located at 223 West 46th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, the 200-key Marriott SpringHill is designed by Gene Kaufman Architects and replaces a former parking lot.

Renderings from the architect illustrate a slender, gray building with a setback above the lobby level. The guest rooms will have balcony or terrace access, and visitors will have access to a garden-level fitness center, a ground-floor restaurant with outdoor seating, and a rear yard.

According to the architect, the building will rise “at least 26 stories,” however, the most updated renderings show 34 full floors. The complete structure will reportedly comprise 70,000 square feet.

“This hotel is just one of our recent contributions to Midtown Manhattan, which is home to many GKA-designed hotels and draws an increasing number of visitors each year,” said Gene Kaufman, founder of Gene Kaufman Architects. “With NYC tourism showing no signs of stopping, it’s incumbent upon us as a city to provide ample mid-priced hotels for a variety of visitors who want to experience New York.”

The property is the latest to arrive from longtime collaborators McSam Hotel Group and Gene Kaufman Architects.

At this time, the project team has not confirmed a completion date for the hotel.

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14 Comments on "Marriott SpringHill Hotel Announced for 223 West 46th Street in Times Square"

  1. Good old Gene. Replacing a parking lot with something about as aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Another Kaufman scourge on the Manhattan streetscape. Value engineering need not be this banal.

  3. Amazing it takes an “architect” to design “this”?

    At least in the future it will qualify as a teardown!

  4. Kaufman keeps getting the commissions though, right?

  5. It’s clear Kaufman has been playing a lot of Minecraft recently..

  6. Why does Kaufman always insist on setting his buildings so far back from the street? Are there not zoning regulations that limit this? It looks awful and breaks the street wall.

  7. GKA is another “best hotel addition” for NYC streetscape.
    No, no required any architectural skills for this classical slender slender slab.
    Even GK 5 years old kid may do design a better staff.

  8. This is what giving up looks like.

  9. Saw the rendering. Knew who the Architect was.

  10. Doesn’t get any uglier than that.

  11. Christopher, you inadvertently complimented Gene Kaufman. Gene Kaufman may have an architect’s license and may be listed as an architect for many projects, but he stopped being an architect a long time ago.

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