Macy’s-Topping Skyscraper By FXCollaborative Revealed, in Midtown Manhattan

Rendering of Macy's office tower by FXCollaborativeRendering of Macy's office tower by FXCollaborative

Macy’s Inc. is pursuing plans to build an office tower over its block-long flagship store in Herald Square, Midtown. Proposals include upward of one million square feet of office space, a sky lobby with views of the city, and public improvements to the surrounding open spaces and subway stations. Today, YIMBY has the reveal for the tower, which was posted by forum users after being spotted within a Macy’s release this week, which showcase the skyscraper as it would stand atop the iconic Midtown retailer.

The Wall Street Journal reports the retailer aims to build 1.5 million square feet of office space, capitalizing on the thriving office market as a revenue stream. Just last week, Macy’s announced it will be closing 125 department stores over the next few years.

The tower is likely to range between 700 and 950 feet tall, with the advantage of the store as the podium potentially giving it supertall status. Renderings released show a glass facçade with a few setbacks and a crown.

Macy’s Herald Square location is near the Garment District, an area now packed with tech, media, and design companies. It’s also conveniently located next to Penn Station, and a number of subway lines, and the PATH train.

Company public filings show the retailer has been in discussions since last year with city and state officials to get the green light for the project.

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27 Comments on "Macy’s-Topping Skyscraper By FXCollaborative Revealed, in Midtown Manhattan"

  1. David in Bushwick | February 7, 2020 at 8:39 am | Reply

    “Your email address will not be published.”

  2. Nice. The rendering even evokes the painful glint of a reflected sunrise, shooting directly into a harried commuter’s eyes.

  3. Well that’s anticlimactic!

  4. NO, leave Macy’s alone!
    Who thinks this hybrid “design” is worth sticking on the roof of Macy’s? I can only imagine how the store will function during thr construction, and wonder if it could potentially lead to Macy’s closure? What a waste, just to build a phallic glass tower, so people can get a better view during the Thanksgiving Day Parade?!

    • I think it only a most do..i mean, is new york right? So why not do it..afterall we have brautiful building in the city tbat have 0 to no use and only ppl with money can live in them…and in the othe side you have ppl complaining whats the problem with so many homeless ppl in the streets…make no sense right. So i aprove the building change at least its gonna be useful for ppl and tourist to see our beautiful city through a glass…

    • That’s what they said about Roland’s original 2-story dry-goods store . . .

  5. Who shops at Macy’s?

    Unless someone disrupts the mind-numbing department store model (think genuine exciting departments under one roof) Macy’s won’t exist in 5 years. Which doesn’t have much to do w the tower. The building will probably be converted to offices, res or hotel in the near future .

    • You want excitement?
      Yes, people’s minds have been numbed —by online shopping.
      I want merchandise I can see, feel, compare , try on and experience in person.
      THAT’S a shopping experience that online shopping will never provide.

  6. Can the existing block-sized structure support such a massive addition on top of it?

  7. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, soon to become the Google Thanksgiving Day parade.

  8. I guess we will soon not have any iconic landmarks in New York City ? next they will want to build a 50 story glass addition to the Empire State Building just to get more office space leave our landmarks alone ?

  9. Please go super tall!

  10. Best thing FX Fowl has done in a long time

  11. That bigc roof deck above Herald Square would be a good place for an indoor-outdoor food hall.

  12. It could be a good thing if the tower adds more elevators to the store.

  13. Get a Robert Stern to do a limestone clad tower and don’t interfere with the Empire State Bldg skyplane.

  14. Another Soulless Glass Tower put to be put up and kill Countless Birds

  15. We shop a ton at Macy’s, but seldom in person anymore. Online, mostly. Not because Macy’s is not grand or attractive, because IT IS. But it is a lot more convenient ordering things online, on less we need to actually trying things on since we are not at all sure. SOOOO, what is to be done with the grand olde lady Macy?? Selling the air, might be a shot in the arm for the company, but ultimately it will be gone into the cyberspace, with old facade and parts of the interior preserved. Surely that would be better than what happened to the Gimbels across the street: it was totally pulled down and a glass insult was placed in its stead, owned by the Marcos family of Philippines!

  16. Anthony campagna | February 9, 2020 at 8:23 pm | Reply

    Build it union

  17. This again?

    Originally, this was to accompany a new Penn Station expansion underneath. I guess that part of it was dropped now.

  18. F this idea

  19. You have to remember that vornado will eventually pull down the Pennsylvania hotel opposite zpenn station so if you are in Jersey you can forget about seeing the Empire state Building

  20. The building will be great. It will provide hundreds of union jobs. Its a cash grab for macys. Though i wonder if they will own it? Likely claim a land lease fee from builder or something.

    To build that builsing will cost 400 million easy. Imagine closing off a whole block with that crane and ugly scaffolding? The noise and all. Wonder if the store will close?

    And yes nyc is for vampires. Cheap apts r for old ppl and 5 girls in a two bedroom. Or sugar daddy money.

    Some tech firm will move in. It has the best location in the city. 2345acenrq trains. Path. Crosstown bus. Good restaurants. Hot chicks and dudes. And nj transit.

  21. Macys has a financial crunch. Remember that build is worth 2 billion easy. So a long term lease or part ownership in the neew building could work. As that could reduce vornado, related etcs acquisition cost.

    A great deal. But we r in a recession and there is over 4 million square feet in hudson yards.

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