3 Sutton Place Reaches 847-Foot-Tall Pinnacle at 430 East 58th Street in Midtown East

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Construction has topped out on 3 Sutton Place, an 847-foot-tall residential skyscraper at 430 East 58th Street in Midtown East. Designed by  Thomas Juul-Hansen and developed by Gamma Real Estate with Stephen B. Jacobs Group as the executive architect, the 62-story tower will contain 121 residential units. The project site is located between Sutton Place South and First Avenue.

Recent photographs from Roosevelt Island reveal the extent of the prominence the slender reinforced concrete superstructure has achieved over the Sutton Place neighborhood. The vertically oriented grid of white stone paneling and floor-to-ceiling glass is continuing to rise, further accentuating the building’s height.

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

430 East 58th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Not much about the potential amenities has been disclosed. However, the building’s biggest draw is sure to be the 360-degree views that will be available to a significant percentage of occupants, given the vertical prominence of the skyscraper over the neighboring buildings. Residents will have vistas of Central Park, the Midtown skyline, and the nearby Queensboro Bridge, with sight lines extending all the way down to Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.

No official renderings of 430 East 58th Street have been released since Thomas Juul-Hansen was called to redesign the project, which was originally architected by Norman Foster of Foster + Partners. The only illustration available is the below depiction of the crown with its stepped chamfering, though it remains to be seen whether or not the building will ultimately culminate with this flourish.

The top of 430 East 58th Street looking north. Designed by Thomas Juul Hansen.

YIMBY expects 430 East 58th Street to be finished and open sometime in 2021. A formal date has not been publicly announced nor heard of.

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16 Comments on "3 Sutton Place Reaches 847-Foot-Tall Pinnacle at 430 East 58th Street in Midtown East"

  1. If it overpowers the other structures around it, then what’s the point? Or is that the point?

  2. The height of 847 feet in this area is excellent, however the facade and shape of the tower is a little bit too simplistic and cheap looking. Not good.

  3. I like the massing, slender with good height. It will definitely stick out in the area. The facade looks cheap… I’m interested to see how the crown turns out.

  4. Oligarchs will love it and most New Yorkers will see it as another eyesore on the skyline. This building is not aesthetic. It is a vertical seldom visited bank vault for the rich.

  5. Since when is mid block 58 street Sutton Place?

    • Just as you state, it’s not. I remember when the Sovereign opened in ’74 when I was just starting my law practice. It was considered an eyesore at the time; it still looks like one to me.

      • Much like how the Hearst building covers the horrendous Sheffield behind it, this building attracts ones eyes from the Sovereign. In this sense it’s a service to the neighborhood.

  6. Great structure to raise taxes on. Current market will
    Lead to auction. Then again the Chinese might buy and just leave all the apartments empty.

    • Taxes will be raised on all apartments. The next few years will not be easy on city finances. The city may need to figure out how to properly tax middle class and wealthy people living in rent-regulated apartments.

  7. Michael D. Skelly | August 25, 2020 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    Nothing under 10 million on Sutton Place Area, this will take from the of the great buildings, turn off the century facades on a wonderful hill like area,build is one thing, but to destroy
    area with a totally out of place, a square glass box one on top of another is really in poor taste, this is high lux area I wonder if there as surprise as I am…..

  8. I expected something better than this from Thomas Juul-Hansen. The developer may have value-engineered the glass. It looks really cheap – almost amateurish.

  9. How can a bldg. be approved if nobody knows what it will look like when finished?

  10. A Sutton Place resident | August 26, 2020 at 10:49 am | Reply

    So ugly, so out of place in the neighborhood. This atrocity has NOTHING to do with Sutton Place. Interested to know what the sway factor is ie what happens to the building during high winds?

  11. Get this POS done already. They’ve been nothing but a bad actor in this neighborhood given their history to sidestep rules and take advantage of loopholes. I can’t wait for their constant LOUD disruptive noise (from early morning to all day into the evening and again on weekends) from their elevators and construction to be OVER. This neighborhood has suffered too long with their BS and difficulties. And now we will be left with this phallic egotistical eyesore Good riddance! I hope they can’t sell these units – serves them right.

  12. Michael D. Skelly | October 9, 2020 at 6:44 pm | Reply

    I told you the people who live on Sutton Place would be pissed off once they heard of this monster on there block.

  13. Richard Cabeza | January 4, 2021 at 8:55 pm | Reply

    Beth, you’re a relic, move on, you and Sutton lost. Change is good, far too many relics in the area.

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