Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for 810 Fulton Street in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

475 Clermont Avenue475 Clermont Avenue

The housing lottery is now open for 810 Fulton Street, a 12-story affordable housing development in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Alternately addressed as 475 Clermont Avenue, the newly constructed development by Rose Associates offers 37 affordable rentals in the form of studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms to New York households with incomes from $81,258–$159,640.

Residential kitchen at 475 Clermont Avenue

Residential interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

Residential interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

Residential interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

Residential interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

Residential interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

Located on the border of Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, the project was completed in 2019 and has a total of 363 rental units. Two blocks east is the Clinton-Washington Avenues subway station, serviced by the A and C trains. The Clinton-Washington Avenues station on the G line is four blocks away. Less than a 15-minute walk away is the LIRR Atlantic Terminal, and numerous subways at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclay Center station.

Residential Interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

Residential interior at 475 Clermont Avenue

The residences feature ceiling heights up to 11 feet, Whirlpool gas ranges, and solid stone countertops. Amenities include a 24-hour attended lobby, rooftop terrace with grills, dining areas, and a movie screen, and a landscaped courtyard with firepit. There is also a fitness center with yoga studio, outdoor fitness deck, a lounge and game room, business center, children’s playroom, outdoor children’s play area with a sandbox, and a pet spa. Rounding out the offerings are valet parking, bike and tenant storage, a common laundry room, and live-in resident manager.

Amenities at 475 Clermont Avenue

Amenities at 475 Clermont Avenue

Amenities at 475 Clermont Avenue

Amenities at 475 Clermont Avenue

There are 11 affordable studios at $2,370 monthly rent, for incomes ranging from $81,258 to $118,300. There are 18 one-bedrooms at $2,542 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $87,155 to $133,120, and eight two-bedrooms at $3,063 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $105,018 to $159,640. Prospective renters must meet income and household size requirements to apply for these apartments. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online no later than October 21, 2020.

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24 Comments on "Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for 810 Fulton Street in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn"

  1. I do not consider $2,370 per month for a studio apartment in Brooklyn to be “affordable housing”. The building is for upper middle class to upper class people, and the rents are totally out of reach for low income and middle-class New Yorkers.

    • I agree. For the last several months I’ve noticed the minimum income on these “affordable housing” lotteries go from around $30,000/$40,000 to around “$70,000/$80,000. Most of these new luxury condos only reach 75% occupancy while 80,000 people are homeless in NYC and all of this was even before the pandemic struck so I assume it will become worst. This is not sustainable the city have over saturated the market with luxury housing and is failing to build affordable housing for families. If not corrected people will leave and the city will decline. A city of this size must have working people to operate not just the wealthy.

      • I agree we always think of making money what about giving someone a chance to be able to say I have some place to live you really can’t make any money I New York when you it goes fast the rich getting richer and the lest fortunet are getting poorer.

  2. If NYC consider this low income. Then where do the upper middle class live?
    Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Sorry, should I say affordable..

  4. You mean upper middle-class housing.
    Can we eat the rich yet?

  5. Beautiful

  6. I am so glad to hear others with the same thoughts this not affordable. The city call these apartments affordable to whom or who’s standard ridiculous!
    No wonder I cannot be called for an apartment with my income.

  7. This is not affordable 3,000 for a two bedroom that’s disgusting! And how about all the homeless or those on a fixed income SSD pays 900 a month! Someone needs to help the disenfranchised in this city.

  8. Over 2,000 a month for a Studio is considered “affordable “??

  9. Its crazy. What’s the sense of having a so called lottery. The vast majority of people looking for housing is not making between 81,000 and 159,000 and it keeps going up.

  10. I totally concur with all those who have commented prior to me. It’s absolutely unbelievable and deplorable that these rental charges are considered “affordable”. Are these people living among us or maybe on another planet.

  11. What??! How is this being considered affordable housing?! An affordable studio is UNDER $1,000 not OVER $2,000. In the middle of an economic crisis with more vacant NYC apartments than ever in my lifetime and this is NYC’s idea of affordable housing… absurd.

  12. As stated by others, these prices are NOT AFFORDABLE!

    The current market rate for a 1BDR is $1,500.00.

    Good luck getting tenants post-pandemic.

  13. AFFORDABLE???????

  14. Totally shameful to say this is affordable…for whom? The rich and famous. Although my salary is right about there I still can’t afford it. I have other bills and things to pay as well not just housing. Stop it!!!!

  15. These rent amounts are right at the levels of being “rent burdened” for the income amounts that qualify.

    These aren’t really “affordable” apartments no matter how you slice it.

  16. This is NOT “affordable”. And then what gets me is that these new apartments are small AF and with no closet space. This is another example of why people are leaving NYC. The City is no longer giving residents or businesses any bang for the buck they pay. Instead it feels like we are constantly being ripped off.

  17. Unfortunately an $80K – $100K is no longer considered working middle class. It’s now working poor based upon the asking rents for many apartments in Brooklyn.

    An $80K income is qualified to rent a $2000 apartment at 40X the rent, $40K per $1000. There aren’t too many $2000 1bd’s available in “good neighborhoods” any longer. Smh

  18. This type of so called affordable housing will leave you house poor …or working two or three jobs to pay for everything else outside of housing … disgraceful

  19. Hello! My name is Charlene Agnew and I’m interested in a one bedroom affordable lottery apartment @ 810 Fulton Street location in Brooklyn.

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