Affordable Housing Development Revealed for 50-25 Barnett Avenue in Sunnyside, Queens

Rendering of 50-25 Barnett Avenue - Phipps HousesRendering of 50-25 Barnett Avenue - Phipps Houses

Detailed proposals contained within an environmental assessment statement reveal plans to construct a mixed-use affordable housing building in Sunnyside, Queens. Located at 50-25 Barnett Avenue, the eight-story building could yield 167 to 189 residential units, 170 parking spaces, and 5,323 square feet of office area that will be reserved for non-profit use.

The total development could span up to 194,710 square feet. In its existing condition, the site supports a 223-unit public parking lot.

The residential component will be marketed exclusively to low- and moderate-income households. It is anticipated that 50 percent of the units will be restricted to households earning up to 60 percent of the area median income (AMI) and the remaining units would be for moderate-income households earning up to 110 percent AMI.

An environmental assessment statement is required, because the development cannot proceed without zoning map amendments. The amendments would effectively rezone the project site and the surrounding area for increased residential volume and mandatory inclusionary housing.

Site Map of 50-25 Barnett Avenue - Phipps Houses

Site Map of 50-25 Barnett Avenue – Phipps Houses

The proposals arrive from Phipps Houses, which is the largest and longest-running non-profit developer, owner, and property management company with a focus on affordable housing projects. If approved, partial funding for the project would be sourced from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s “Our Space Initiative” subsidy and the Housing Development Corporation.

Phipps Houses anticipates full completion by 2023, following approximately 24 months of construction.

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21 Comments on "Affordable Housing Development Revealed for 50-25 Barnett Avenue in Sunnyside, Queens"

  1. David in Bushwick | October 6, 2020 at 8:19 am | Reply

    In a down economy, this is exactly what the city needs more than ever.

  2. The last time this was proposed the community shot it down for being “out of scale”. Hopefully it gets pushed through this time.

  3. This development should really be 3-4 floors larger.

  4. This is great. A nice cute affordable housing block. I do wish it could be taller though.

  5. Suggestions that it be taller betray a lack of familiarity with the neighborhood and the site. This building will be the tallest for many blocks, jammed on a narrow lot with constricted access hard against the main LIRR / Amtrak trunks on a narrow street next to Sunnyside Gardens Park in a neighborhood already choking on cars. Its present height really is the limit of what this neighborhood can bear.

  6. Very fine infill.

  7. Above comments are shills hired to promote this – Rev Taylor again?

    Who wants to live next to a very active and noisy Main Line. This belongs in Elmhurst. Say goodbye to Phipps Garden Apts.

  8. Their idea of “Affordable” really isn’t. This isn’t really close to any real Public Transportation (the Bus on 48th Street goes to nowhere), the idea of more cars hunting for street parking in the neighborhood which has lost over 200 spaces of Public Street Parking is ridiculous. This especially pertains to Seniors and the People with disabilities. Again the residents of the area aren’t being served by developments like these. JVB got his start by serving the people OF THE COMMUNITY. Will he again fall short?

    • Affordable Housing are a Scam then, Housing (esp “Affordable” Housing) must be for all regardless of income, age, disability, employment and sobriety status.

  9. How do I apply for an apartment

    • Just go to their property across the street from this one. You help fight the bed bugs out of control mice. Noise and filth they store the garbage in the basement.

  10. The rail lines are actually less noisy than the vehicular and pedestrian activity on Park Avenue.

  11. This is a project with no purpose. Frankly that space would be better used as a parking lot at this point.

    The LIRR runs right behind this space and is very loud and frequent. The area itself is very dense already with large swaths of Sunnyside at 6 stories. There is no justification for packing in more housing here when there are many better locations for density.

  12. Phipps has done the same thing to our previously beautiful block. . it’s been a nightmare of piledriving, cement trucks, dust, noise, day-workers learning on the job, horrible to the residents many elderly and/or disabled who are unable to escape to the senior center since it’s been locked down for months. . .I feel sorry for the people who have houses near this proposed project. . .it’s beyond your worst nightmare. And what they consider “affordable” certainly isn’t, by any means.

  13. David Garmendia | November 17, 2020 at 7:54 pm | Reply

    Three or floor parking lot would be terrific. More apartments more cars trying to find parking spots, what a brain thrust involved in this plan. Green , greed and more greed!

  14. Sandra Gonzalez | November 23, 2020 at 1:20 pm | Reply

    Hello I would like information on how to fill out for an apartment thanks

  15. Hi maria mangualhow could I get and application please email me at [email protected]. looking for 3bed room. section 8 thank you

  16. Hi my name is paulinejuarbes im interested in a two bedroom apartment for me and my 4 year old son and my boyfriend how do I apply for this housing

  17. Would love to have aplication

  18. I would like to get an application,Please….

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