The XI’s Exterior Continues to Take Shape in Chelsea

The XI. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group.

Curtain wall installation is shaping up on The XI, a twisting pair of 36- and 26-story residential structures at 76 Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea. Designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels of Bjarke Ingels Group and developed by HFZ Capital Group, the 908,250-square-foot complex stands on the western side of the High Line along the Hudson River waterfront. The mixed-use property will yield 236 condominiums and a 137-room Six Senses Hotel Resort Spa, which will be the first location in the United States. Omnibuild is in charge of the construction and Douglas Elliman is handling sales and marketing.

Recent photos show the steady progress on the framing that will hold up each of the travertine panels. They are being installed in the interstitial spaces between the grid of large rectangular windows, most of which are already installed.

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The mechanical extensions atop both reinforced concrete edifices will be covered with some form of opaque metal paneling, as we’ve seen in previous renderings.

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI and its surroundings. Photo by Michael Young

The planned retail frontage facing Tenth Avenue will be directly underneath the High Line. A public landscaped plaza will sit behind the green construction fence seen in the photograph below.

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

A closer look at the exterior shows the intricate assembly of the envelope.

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

The podium and lower levels have a separate and more simplified exterior enclosure that is nearly complete. Also underway is the entrance on the southern side, which features a bridge over the motorway.

The XI. Photo by Michael Young

Among the 236 homes will be 87 units designed by Gilles & Boissier, while 149 residences will be fitted with interiors by Gabellini Sheppard. Prices range from $2,575,000 to $14,500,000. The XI makes a profound impact on the Chelsea waterfront along with other neighboring structures from famous architects such as Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, and Jean Nouvel.

It looks like at this point The XI may be finished by the very end of 2020 or early 2021.

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20 Comments on "The XI’s Exterior Continues to Take Shape in Chelsea"

  1. David in Bushwick | October 6, 2020 at 8:10 am | Reply

    Walking by, I wondered about water leakage. These things are more disturbing than interesting.

  2. This is really bad design — I mean really bad. Improbable. Like a cutesy disneyish recreation of earthquake damage spectacle. Like a bad joke that has been heard too many times.

  3. This is article is FALSE!!! We put a hefty deposit on an apt at the XI, two years ago. The construction company ceased construction pre-COVID and has 100.2 million lien against HFZ Capital, the developer.

    Construction has not resumed. We have been trying to contact their sales office to get updates for the last six months, had attorneys send a demand letter to their attorneys and have contacted the NYS Attorney General’s Office. We have not received a response from any of these entities.

    This is article is merely PR for the builder and shame on you, New York YIMBY for printing an article that is untrue and misleading to the public. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AND FACT CHECK BEFORE YOU PRINT INACCURATE INFORMATION!!!

    • This post was not co-ordinated with HFZ. I have no way of knowing about your deposit situation but that is unfortunate to hear!

    • Mr. Galikanokus | October 8, 2020 at 9:26 am | Reply

      Finally, someone dishing out some juicy details about what’s really going on. HFZ is an astonishingly incompetent and borderline corrupt organization. Between this project grinding to a halt and getting a lien slapped on it, and The Bryant having TG Nickel walk off during construction, they clearly can’t figure out how to finish a project. Furthermore, they associate with some questionable people. John Simonlacaj needs no introduction. HFZ also decided to use RCI Plumbing on The Bryant which was owned by Chris Cheirchio, who has found himself on the wrong side of the law more than once. Overall, not a great company. I’m sorry to hear about your deposit; hopefully you can recover it at some point.

  4. This design is so twisted, I nearly fell off my bike while cycling by. Its as awkward as a horse in reverse.

  5. Bjarke’s twisty thing is already sooooo tired. Is it possible for BIG to do anything that doesn’t rely on simplistic formal manipulation? Is the answer to all design challenges a torqued form?

  6. Finished by the end of 2020..dream on..more like the end of 2021

    • Mr. Galikanokus | October 7, 2020 at 1:11 pm | Reply

      2021..dream on!! This is an HFZ project – their incompetence (see: The Bryant) and corruption (see: John Simonlacaj) know no boundaries. There’s a decent chance they don’t finish this job at all and it gets foreclosed on.

  7. Great design, but the podium is garbage.

  8. Randall Cummings | October 6, 2020 at 4:08 pm | Reply

    Twisted Sisters

  9. Sorry to say, but I kind of like The XI. They seem very charming to me. However, I will agree that the podium is very weak. ?

  10. His two towers in Miami for TERRA Developers…. yes… “twisted sisters” is what they are now called. Same design.
    The OMA buildings nearby are a bit superior.
    But, it is luxury housing. It should be THE Best. Shame that it is not.

  11. I live down the street from building and have seen little or no progress on the exterior

  12. I love these buildings , the crooked twins .. been watching them being built since day one .
    Then we have little Island also …weeee

  13. It’s just taking soooo long. Why?
    In the meantime the highline is still closed for no rational reason. Why?

  14. The leaning tower of Pisa was was an architectural and engineering blunder and as such has remained a tourist attraction for centuries.

    On the other hand the design of the twisted inebriated looking glass towers of Chelsea is intentional.

    The chances are zero that the current trend of designs of kind will endure over time.

    This is little more than a passing gimmick to attract the “cutting edge” crowd.

    Many will soon realize that it may be a better idea to move somewhere else where taste and style remain in fashion.

    Living in what appears to be a Coney Island fun house will never be viable in the long run.

  15. Michael D. Skelly | October 8, 2020 at 11:33 am | Reply

    Had tried to do a purchase of their operations for a group buyer and found these people to be very shady, my gut told me to get out of any further deals……

  16. There is NO WAY HFZ can finish this project in 2020, and probably not even in 2021. Construction on the project has stopped. There is debris flying off the building during heavy wind days. In its unfinished state, it is an eyesore, and there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of construction people on site. HFZ is the most corrupt and incompetent organization. They don’t know how to build anything. This project, if ever completed, will leak like a sieve. Never buy a condo from HFZ. They are totally incompetent!

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